Borászportál collected the most important wine programs of the year that one can expect. Take out your calendar and start recording.

14th January: Jégvirágtól borvirágig 2017

Where: Monor Cellar Village

21th January: Winter Picnic in Etyek

Flavours of winter on Gasztrosétány

21th January: St Vince’s Day with variations 2017

Evoking the old Villány tradition; wine growers tried to predict the success of the harvest based on the weather on St Vince’s Day and the conditions of the cut “Vince wands”. Wine tastings and delicious bites from Siklós to Villány.

28th January: Olaszrizling szerintünk

If we believe the traditions, there will be Olaszrizling szerintünk this year, too, where growers and fans of this type from Somló to Villány and from Egerszólát to the St György-mountain can taste and discuss the future and the chances of the Welschriesling, in Csopak.


25th February: Magyar Borok Bálja (Ball of Hungarian Wines)

Magyar Borok Bálja, the most grandiose event of Hungarian wines and gastronomy has been organised for the 12th times. This time in Hotel Corinthia, in collaboration with Michelin star chefs. Read more about it here.

2nd March: Borjog és Bormarketing Konferencia (Wine law and wine marketing conference)

The conference, organised for 200 professional, aims to ensure a platform for opinion-shaping thoughts helping the grape wine sector and giving place to the substantive communications related to the profession.

3rd March: Eger-Szekszárd Bikavér Párbaj

There are more and more high quality Bikavér coming from Eger and Szekszárd. It is worth to explore the wines and their makers’ Bikavér-philosophy again.

11th March: Nagy Balatoni Pezsgő Teszt (Great Balaton Champagne Test)

There seems to be a collaboration emerging on the Southern bank, concerning bubbles. We enjoy its dowry, as much as the lovely events.

19th March: Tokaji Március Nagykóstoló

Tokaj is colourful: Tokaj-Hegyalja is not only one village, and also not exclusively one kind of grape, or two kinds of wine. Village collaborations, gastronomical and touristic exhibitors try to prove this with the items of 70 wine-producers.

8-9th April: Spring Picnic in Etyek

The date is not yet known. Still, everybody knows the atmosphere.

8-9th April: Tavaszi Pincenyitogató – Wine- and gastronomy feast in Hajós

Open wineries in Hajósi Cellar Village for two days, for the fifth times.

Csaba Malatinszky Kékfrankos April in 2016

22th April: Kékfrankos April Tasting

Kékfrankos Április Nagykóstoló puts the emphasis on the most wide-spread dark-skinned type of grapes in Hungary as part of the thematic month about blue Frankish – not only by Hungarian wine-producers.

12-21st May: Szeged Wine Festival

Szeged Wine Festival – The day of Szeged, one of the biggest events of the city, that lasts for ten days, with concerts and excellent wines.

12-14th May: Rosalia 2017

Summer-greeting wine festivity, with fresh rosé, semi-sparkling, sparkling and champagne wines, outdoors.

18-21st May: Gourmet Festival 2017

It takes place at the Millenáris as usual, with samples of excellent Hungarian restaurants and the supplies of the best wineries.

May: Zwack Open

The first Zwack Open event in Hungary is expected to be organised in May in the Zwack Museum. Get to know the oenologist.

2-11th June: National Wine Marathon

It was a big success last year, and if it is up to us, it will be even bigger this year.

10-11th June: Summer Picnic in Etyek

The atmosphere, the flavours… and there is a pop-up Wine Campus with trainings.

9-11th June: VI. Gere Jazz Festival

Fiesta in Villány? Yes, thank you, this year too.

10th June: Pezsgő Június Nagykóstoló (June champagne tasting)

40 Hungarian, 40 champagne and 40 champagne wineries from others countries are promised to be at this bubbly event of Winelovers.

16-17th June: Iván Valley Kadarka Trip

Put on your trainers and go to Szekszárd.

16-18th June: Kerekdomb Festival

There are two Kerekdomb Festivals planned for 2017 at the picturesque Tállya. The visitors, who want to drink wine and have fun, are awaited with theatrical, musical and literature programs in June and September.

29th June-2nd July: Bor, Mámor, Bénye

Wines from Tokaj, flavours from Zemplén: festival in the gardens of Erdőbénye.

July: Parti Pezsgés (Sparling on the shore)

There seems to be a collaboration emerging on the Southern bank, concerning bubbles. We enjoy its dowry, as much as the lovely events.

1st July: VinAgora  Winegala

The public tasting of the wines of VinAgora Wine Competition in Boscolo New York Palace.

6-9th July: Egri Bull’s Blood Festival

The wine festival is the highlighted wine-touristic and wine-gastronomical event of Eger in the romantic Archbishop’s Garden.

12-15th July: Veszprémfest

It is not a simply a jazz festival, because the main square awaits the visitors with rozé, Riesling and jazz programs.

13-31st July: Badacsony Wine Weeks

The celebration of Badacsony wines – a free event by the lake.

14-15th July: Villlány Wine Marathon

100 “long steps” in Villány. Playful rosé-festival with running competition and youthful programs.

 August: Győr Wine Days

Wine, wine-nights, and gastronomy festival, when the streets and the downtown of Győr turns into a mass of lovely restaurants and taverns, creating a festival atmosphere.

August: Balatonfüred Wine Weeks

The wine-producers await the visitors for three weeks in their wine pavilions at the Tagore promenade. There is no summer without them.

2-5th August: Paloznak Jazz Festival

The best jazz festival of the year will take place in Paloznak.

17-20th August: Rosestone Festival

It is the 10th time that Rosestone Festival in Badacsony has been organised in terms of hills, water, wine and love. Where else than in Badacsony?

24-27th August: Junibor Festivity

Four days/ 32 young wine-producers/ 100+ wines/ 96 hours with the most exciting Hungarian wines in front of the Basilica.

September: Budafok Champagne and Wine Festival

Red, white and rosé wines await the gourmands. Champagne, gastronomy – Tradition, quality music, family and children programs – The party starts after sunset.

2-3rd September: Autumn Picnic in Etyek

Újhegy, szépvölgy – the vineyards are always the most beautiful in autumn.

1-2nd September: Márd Furmint Festivity

Let’s celebrate furmint again.

1-3rd September: Vingardium Borliget

It worked for the first time in 2016, so we levitate in Liget again, in 2017.

8-10th September: Kerekdomb Festival

There are two Kerekdomb Festivals planned for 2017 in the picturesque Tállya. The visitors who want to drink wine and have fun are awaited with theatrical, musical and literature programs in June and September.

7-10th September: Budapest Wine Festival

Beside the Hungarian wines many foreign wines will be introduced at the 26 years old festival on the terraces of the Buda Castle.

September: Kálibuli

Köveskál the gastro village will collect the best ingredients of the lake, and invite famous wine-producers next to the quality food, so anyone can taste their wines.

15-17th September: Tokaj Autumn

The best wine-weekend every year, with the best wineries of Tokaj-Hegyalja and their top wines and Michelin-star dishes.

14-17th September: Szekszárdi Szüreti Napok (Harvest days)

The serious improvements concerning the quality of the local wines, the joint logo and the joint bottle are the results of the collaboration of the wine-growers in Szekszárd. Also, a wine festival with only quality wines.

7th October: Olaszrizling October Tasting

Can it be more successful than last year? We’ll see.

6-8th October: Villány Red Wine Festival

The most beautiful red wines, harvest pageantry, star performers, concerts and children programs await the visitors on the first weekend of October.

November: St. Martin’s Day Wine Festival in Gellért

We can only say that it has set the standards very high in 2016. Can it even improve?

18th November: Mitiszol Festival

The taste of Terra Hungarica advertising authentic wines with nearly 30 wineries, 100 wines and food and drinks made with a similar mentality.

18th November: Bordeaux November Tasting

This year the emphasis is again on the Bordeaux-types in November in the Corinthia Hotel Budapest.

24-25th November: Franc &Franc – Villány invites Europe

Franc &Franc international tasting day and conference was born as the result of the collaboration of the Villány vineyards.

December Zwack Open

The last Zwack Open event of the year is expected to be organised in December in the Zwack Museum, which was renovated in 2016.

December Winelovers Xmas

One of the newest type of events of Winelover is a tasting and a market – again in December, 2017.

Photos: Borászportál

Copy editor: bm

Source: Borászportál

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