The Canadian Feather and the Wind travelling couple – Felicia and Wesley – visited Miskolc in December. Turizmusonline shows some videos and photos about their experiences.

The blogger group started to explore the world based on the saying “you only live once”. They visited Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Poland and many other places. They think that travelling is cheaper than many think. They make their dreams come true and collect several happy memories via travelling.

11 things were emphasized on their blog about Miskolc. One of them is the Miskolctapolca Cave Bath which enchants everyone by its wonderful atmosphere and natural cave pathes.

When visiting the Diósgyőr Castle they could get to know a historic castle where the world of the Middle ages becomes alive.

According to them, travelling to Lillafüred by the little train is a picturesque must-see. In one of the titles of their videos they compare their trip to Lillafüred to a fairy-tale and they advise everyone travelling to Miskolc to see Palotaszálló with a walk next to the Hámori Lake.

They found the taxodiums, the interactive and playful places, and the photo exhibition Inverse Everest (until the 15th January) of the Pannon Sea Museum amazing. The photo exhibition shows the expedition to the deepest caves available with dry feet.

They gush about the old streets of the downtown. They think that going on a sightseeing tour in the city of Miskolc is a great idea, because the streets of the inner city are for pedestrians only.

They did not forget about the Hungarian local dishes. They emphasized the typical Hungarian cousins: fish soup, stuffed cabbage and goulash soup. While they suggest Kis Anna Halászkert and Kispipa Halászcsárda for those loving the Hungarian kitchen, A Leves gastro workshop and Reinpold’s KOLbice, which is famous for its sausage ice cream, are suggested for the fans of modern gastro experiences.

The blogpost of Filicia and Wesley can be found here.

Photos: Feather and the Wind

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