As reports, the visitors may enjoy the benefits of the water in Kehidakustány, or try the new section of Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa in Mezőkövesd from January.

Kehidakustány added to Hungary’s health-resort map

Kehidakustány was classified as a health-resort by the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service (ÁNTSZ). The city with its thermal bath is now able to reach supports, thanks to the classification, that make several environment-constructing and beautifying developments possible – said the mayor of the city in Zala County.

István Lázár added: a tender for infrastructural investments will be open this year. According to the the plans new walking streets will be built, the bicycle path will be expanded, and there will be a possibility to build the environment of the lake. He emphasized: it is the result of the building of the bath that the city with a population of 1,100 people could develop, and to be able to run its institutions on a high level.

Photo: Kehida Healt Resort and Family Spa

Tihamér Horváth, Manager of Kehida Healt Resort and Family Spa explained: the classification also proves that the people living here are giving particular attention to environmental protection, the coordination of the city, and the cleanness of the air. The thermal bath of Kehidakustány was inaugurated in 2003. It was built of a HUF 2.5 million investment including governmental and municipal support and enterprising investment. The accommodation had been developed in the next five years; a spa village with apartments was built.

Photo: Kehida Healt Resort and Family Spa

The built-in section of the family-friendly thermal bath is 14.5 thousands square metres, the whole establishments is 15 thousand square metres including the outside parts and the Mediterranean style roofed thermal bath. An appropriate place can be ensured for every generation: a relaxing bath for the elders and the ones trying to get healthier, entertainment possibilities with experience elements for the youngsters, and organised programmes for the families – said the manager. According to the plans, a hotel development will be carried out in the next years, and also the thermal bath will be expanded by new elements.

Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa in Mezőkövesd to be open in January

Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa uploaded a short film to its YouTube channel, before Christmas, showing the graphic design of the new spa and its pool. Although the inauguration was supposed to be a year earlier, at least according to their Facebook page, the guests will be able to enjoy the spa from the second half of January.

Photo: Zsóry Gyógy És Strandfürdő Facebook

The video also shows that the new section was expanded by three slides, a wave pool, a jacuzzi and a lazy river, and while there are jacuzzi-beds on the side of the pools there are deck-chairs on the gallery facing the bath facility.

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