Budapest is an inexhaustible source; lots of funny and interesting footages were made in/about the capital city. 

Pilot’s and bird’s view of WizzAir’s fly-by over Budapest

Drone above Budapest

This video was made by Studio-X, about the face of Budapest above the buildings. The video made in the air shows the city from a different point of view, Parliament, Basilica and Nyugati Railway Station appear in the video and the city can be seen by day and at night, thank you

When foreigners taste Hungarian dishes for the first time

Buzzfeed compiled videos of people who have never tested the masterpieces of the Hungarian kitchen before. Stuffed cabbage or sour cream, Goulash soup or other interesting Hungarian food, and people astonished, with funny pronunciation, lets watch it 😉

Everyone loves Kürtöskalács (chimney cake)

Millions of people get to know the chimney cake in 2016 from the video of INSIDER food, the taste of the dough is compared to the taste of an American doughnut.

This is the No 1. marriage proposal

Now, just take a seat and enjoy this fairytale marriage proposal 😉



Crazy Australian’s backflip from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Danube 

Everyone has thought about what it would be like to jump to the Danube from one of the bridges. Well, a young Australian adventurer actually did it, and we loved this crazy man.





Source: Daily News Hungary

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