Take care of ourselves and each other, because we are facing a beastly cold weather. Origo also reported the advices by National Directorate General for Disaster Management.

Stern weather is expected on Saturday, there is -20 and -10 Celsius in the morning, -10 and -4 in the afternoon. There may be a snow flurry from the evening. The wind stays heavy.

The sky will be very cloudy on Sunday, snow flurry may occur anywhere. The Northern wind may still be heavy. The temperature will be -12 in the morning and around -4 in the afternoon.

The cold can be life-threatening on the weekend

It has been reported recently that a dead body was found behind a supermarket, near a petrol station, in the IX. District. The victim said to be frozen to death on Thursday night.

According to the statistics of KSH (Hungarian Central Statistical Office) 161 homeless people died as a result of hypothermia during the last six winters (since autumn 2010) and an average of 250 people die every year because of similar reasons.


But the two-thirds of the demises do not happen on the streets, more in houses without heating.

We especially need to take care of each other around this period, in this weather ten minutes is enough to freeze to death.

The National Directorate General for Disaster Management advices us to make sure that our phones are charged, pay attention how we heat and what to use for heating and only go out with cars that are ready for winter circumstances. If we want to go ice skating we should go on the ice with care.

Photo: MTI

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Source: Origo

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