Dancers turning into lions, fire jugglers and dancers with stilts attracted the crowd at the second Grand Yoff Festival supported by Travels to Africa and African Hungarian Union (AHU), reports

The colourful festival swirl attracted a large crowd to the square in front of the youth centre in Dakar, the capital city of Senegal, in Grand Yoff District. It is not an accident, although Grandd Yoff is the smallest area of Dakar and the most populous. There are rarely any cultural programs here despite the fact that many ethnic groups and artist families live in the district. On one hand, the cultural event organized by AHU and Travel to Africa travel agency supported and popularized the traditionalist dance group Ballet Camara, on the other hand they raised awareness to the importance of keeping the intellectual cultural heritage.

“With art against crime” – advertised the program that started in the afternoon, where the mayor of Grand Yoff, and the tourist group of the Hungarian travel agency being in Senegal, also took part in.  42% of the population in Senegal is under 14 so it is not a surprise that the audience consisted of mostly children.

There were also children among the performers who danced, played the drums, or did acrobatics, just as good as the professional adult artists, if not better. Amazing atmosphere, professional performances, spectacular costumes characterized the night which was closed by the special giant pumpkin-pot dance of Abdoul Camara dance artist, who lives in Budapest.



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