The list based on average aged cars can be surprising, because it is led by three, previously not so wide-spread brands. It also shows whether there are more petrol or diesel cars in the capital city. introduces the car-fleet of Budapest.

Budapest’s auto park consisted of 597 337 cars last year, which means an increase of 2.3% – 13,000 pieces – compared to 2014 – says the publication of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) aggregating last year’s statistical data of the capital. The average age of the cars also increased parallel to the number of the cars: it was 11.9 in 2014, then 12.2 in 2015. In other words, the number of registered cars in Budapest extended the older cars.

The petrol cars dominate among the registered cars in Budapest: 71% of the fleet of more than 597,000 cars works with petrol, which means 427,000 cars. The ratio of the diesel cars is 27%, there were more than 161,000 of them. But the diesels are much younger; their average age is 9.3 while the petrol ones are 13.3. There were only 3600 hybrids last year, which is only the 0.6% of the whole carpark while the ratio of electric and other cars is marginal.

The favourites

The KSH data shows the ranking of the brands in Budapest. Opel leads the list, Suzuki is the second and Ford is the third followed by Volkswagen and Skoda. These five brands give nearly the half of the whole Budapest fleet, 47% of it exactly.

The 25 most popular brands in Budapest

Place, brand and number of pieces.  Source: KSH

Young and old

Beside the brands’ ranking list, the list based on the age is also worth looking at, where the ranking of the brands is completely different. The Kia and Dacia cars of Budapest are the youngest, but the Hyundai, Chevrolet and Skoda models also are of an average age of ten or less years.

The average age of car brands in Budapest in 2015. Place, brand, average age. Source: KSH

There are brands representing even older cars than the ones on the chart: the average age of Wartburg and Trabant models registered in Budapest exceeds 30 years.

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