Many like articles which give advices every year on where to go in the New Year, and guess what: Hungary is on the top 52 list of the New York Times. But what did they emphasize? Who could get on the list from Hungary? Dívány shows us.

It is true that Budapest only appears in the 50th place, but we are still ahead of South Bronx and Ryukyu Islands in Japan. Two of our restaurants were mentioned: Szimply and Márga Bisztró. The youthful and dynamic energy of these restaurants make the city better, they explained.

If the visitors coming here should not only treat their tummies; they think that it is worth visiting here because of the handcrafted jewelleries: Velvet Chemistry and Szimpla Design Shop are mentioned. We are happy to see that new accommodations like Hotel Rum were noticed, which further shows the fashionable rise of the city, said the author.

The list is very mixed; really beautiful countries, islands, cities are mentioned on the list from all over the world such as France, Jamaica, Australia, and so on.

The whole list can be found here.

Photo: Instagram/ szimplyfood

Copy editor: bm

Source: Dívány

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