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Gyula Pauer: Holocaust, Photo: pixabay.com

Only a French sculpture beat the Holocaust monument on the bank of the Danube on the list of Architectural Digest, reports szeretlekmagyaroszag.hu.

Architectural Digest architectural magazine ranked the 13 most important sculptures in public places in the world.

Shoes on the Danube Bank sculpture got to the distinguished second place of this list.

The sculptures were examined all over the world, from Vancouver to New York, from Marseille to Melbourne, so it is a great recognition that our little capital city performed so well.

The sculpture was created by Can Togay, film director, in collaboration with Gyula Pauer, sculptor, recipient of the Kossuth State Award, who died in 2012. The composition – which honours people who were killed, shot into the river, by Arrow Cross militiamen – was inaugurated on Holocaust Memorial Day, in 2005.

60 pairs of authentic shoes were created by the sculptor; they were made out of iron and attached to the rubbles of the bank.

Photo: Pixabay

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Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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