Encore! An evening with the stars of the West End in Budapest

In an unprecedented cultural event, the Erkel Theatre is set to host a spectacular evening that brings the West End's dazzling lights and unforgettable melodies to Budapest for the first time ever.

A Month Full of Drama: Budapest’s National Theatre in April

April in Budapest is not just about spring flowers, it's also a time when the National Theatre becomes a hub of excitement with plays for everyone.

Performances with English subtitles at Vígszínház from March

Vígszínház: stage adaptations of internationally well-known titles promise an exciting experience for foreigners living in Hungary and tourists visiting our country.

Classic transformed into modern show: ‘The Little Prince’ in Budapest

Don't miss it! The Little Prince will be performed 7 times in Budapest between 14 and 18 February at the Erkel Theatre in French with Hungarian subtitles. #theatre #budapest #thelittleprince #culture

Eva Duda Company hosts an exclusive sponsorship gala evening at the Vígszínház

The two-act evening will evoke the Eva Duda Company's main milestones to date, as well as exciting collaborations, featuring dance, music and theatre, among other renowned guest performers:

Vidnyánszky, director of the National Theatre, resigns due to heavy theatre accident

Two people seriously injured in the theatre accident, the director claimed responsibility, details:

Terrible accident at Hungarian National Theater, actors in serious condition – UPDATE

A serious accident during a performance of Romeo and Juliet at the National Theater, details HERE:

South Korea celebrates its National Day with special concert in Budapest

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea made their national day in Budapest a truly memorable one:

Tragedy: Influential Hungarian theatre to close its doors for good

"We regret to announce that our theatre activities at the Átrium will end at the end of the current season, in the summer of 2024." #theatre #átrium #culture

Béla Lugosi: The best Dracula of all time and the tragic end of his life

He was laid to rest in one of his cinematic Dracula cloaks by his friends in a small California cemetery. But do you know what caused his death? #bélalugosi #dracula #famoushungarians

New TV channel launched in Hungary

The new TV programme is currently avaible at two service providers. #Hungary #dailynewshungary #TV #cinema #filmindustry #film #theatre

Renowned Hungarian theatre closes due to the crisis

The Katona József National Theatre will have to take a forced break in its operations. #hungary #dailynewshungary #kecskemét #theatre

Energy crisis: drastic steps for theatres in Budapest

Several theatres have to take austerity measures to cut costs. One of them is the József Attila Theatre. #hungary #dailynewshungary #theatre #utilitycosts #money #energy #crisis

Award-winning Swedish play is coming to Budapest!

A famous Swedish actor, Lennart R Svensson, is coming to Budapest to perform his award-winning play, Helluvaguy #Hungary #Sweden #Helluvaguy #dailynewshungary #culture #play #theatre #RS9

10 fun summer programmes for kids in Budapest

Get ready for a whole summer packed with excitement, discovery and adventure! #Budapest #summervacation #summerwithkids

John Malkovich performs again in Budapest

John Malkovich, the two-time Academy Award-nominated American actor will perform in Budapest, Hungary.

New York to host second Hungarian contemporary arts festival

The Hungary L!ve contemporary arts festival will be held in New York for the second time, details:

Paper distributed in the Bucharest National Theatre: East Hungary belongs to Romania!

“Greater Romania” printed on the header drew the Hungarian-Romanian border at the river Tisza! 🇭🇺↔️🇷🇴 #romania #hungary #politics #newspaper #dailynewshungary

Debrecen to have one of the most modern theathers in Central Europe! – PHOTOS

The most important city in Eastern Hungary is currently undergoing serious developments. #Debrecen #Hungary #EasternHungary #DailyNewsHungary

Amazing! State Opera House’s Eiffel Workshop opens – PHOTOS

Over the course of the Opera’s 135-year history, there were never any developments that compared to the opening of Eiffel Art Studios - PHOTOS⤵️