The man wanted to promise to his pastor that he won’t drink again but then he rather decided to break into the church in Mátészalka and steal the money. However, the pastor caught him and even took a photo of his exit

2016 was quite a tough year, even wondered what it was like for the police force. They found out that they had quite some difficult times too, but the year brought some incredibly absurd and fantastic photos that might even fit an art exhibition.

Index shared its traditional year-ending compilation of photos illustrating the crime scene investigations of the police in 2016, including really odd ones. Should you wish to look at more photos, make sure to check out the galleries of 2015 and 2014.

Check out the photos of with the comments of below:

A white Wartburg stolen from a family’s garden, but when its engine died the thief tried to camouflage it with straws

Someone did not fancy the position of one of the statues at the World War I war memorial in Kiskunmajsa, so they decided to relocate it, throw away the wreaths, destroy the flowerbed, and turn up a bin

A photo evoking the ghost of Mickey Mouse and the making of a new psychoactive drug A joyful photo taken after the rug-thieves of the church in Jászkísér were caught and the stolen rug was given back to its owner A woman illustrating to the policeman what happened to her: a man attacked her wanting money and eventually threatened her with a chair. But she yelled at him until he ran away Some furniture put together to create a home in the woods. But hey, the act was illegal landfill

Quite an artistic photo: the lights, the colours, the theme, and the background all add up to the effect and call for an exhibition. Well, two guys broke into a grocery store, stole some stuff, and then, while trying to run away to hide in a bush, left these behind

A drug dealer being arrested in Baktalórántháza: handcuffs and artificial flowers. Extremely patterned walls and furniture. The contrasts between the colour of the wall and the uniform. Impressive interior and 100 million HUF in cash, expensive goods and cars (Mustang, Porsche, BMW) confiscated
A man wanted to decorate his home with crucifixes: he attempted to steal 10 from a cemetery in Csongrád. The police found seven after arresting him Quite a creative burglar; he wanted to get into the grocery in Halmajurga through the roof to steal some alcohol and food. Failed attempt A plant, some coffee cups, a nice table cloth and a bomb. Yes, a bomb. Weapons, ammunition, explosives, and war relics were found in a house in Tata This man wanted to promise his pastor not to drink again, but, eventually, he rather decided to break into the church in Mátészalka and steal some money. However, the pastor caught him and even took a photo of him trying to escape Some cuteness for the gallery: two lovely calves found in the back of a car, after being stolen from a farm in Jásziványi

Happy ending to the compilation: the 10-year-old Mia closed her 5-year-long career by catching a meat-thief. Her human counterpart, Zoltán Velényi said that Mia was a disciplined, hard-working, smart, and good tracking dog, who made no mistakes. As a pensioner she got to a family where she is regarded as a partner 🙂

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