After the Budapest-based shooting of the sequel of Blade Runner ended, Ryan Gosling now promotes another one of his films, La La Land, and stopped at Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he mentioned that the Hungarian capital is an amazing city, writes

Budapest served as a shooting location for Denis Villeneuve’s and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2049, starring Harrison Ford, who had been spotted at several places in Hungary, Ryan Gosling, and Jared Leto, among others. The crew spent about five months in Budapest, and finished the work two weeks ago.

Ryan Gosling arrived to Budapest with his family

The Canadian Gosling and his family, therefore, moved back to Los Angeles, where he started to promote his latest film La La Land. Thus, he ended up in the Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show talking about the production, and when Kimmel asked him about the Hungarian capital, whether he recommends visiting it, the actor responded “Yes, it’s a wonderful place.”

Furthermore, Gosling gave an interview to Anikó Návai, and when she gave HaHhim a box of chocolate, he began reminiscing about his favourite grocery store in Budapest, which is Aldi. During the conversation he told the interviewer that Aldi is the best grocery in Hungary, where the “breadgame is very strong”.

Below, you can also watch the promo video of La La Land, in which Gosling and Emma Stone wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for the residents of Hungary, and they do so in Hungarian. 🙂


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