Christmas is almost around the corner, so Amazon already gave a gift to its customers and made shipping free of charge to several countries, including Hungary, writes

Amazon, one of the world’s most popular online retailers decided to give an early Christmas gift to its customers and announced that no shipping fee shall be paid when products are ordered to some European countries, including Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Finland.

However, there are some important conditions to keep in mind in order to get free delivery. Firstly, orders should be made on the website of the German Amazon ( instead of the American online store ( It’s probably because the German store is a market within the EU, which makes delivery duty-free, unlike deliveries from the US.

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Secondly, your purchase shall exceed the minimum limit of 39 EUR to get free shipping. But by doing so, the system automatically offers free delivery. Furthermore, Amazon will add the Hungarian VAT to your purchase, so, to see the final price of the order you’ll need to log in and set your Hungary-based address in the German platform.

The news was shared by Amazon via emails to its customers, and was made available to read at the official website of the company. Should you need more information about this new opportunity to receive free delivery, make sure to click here.


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