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February is about to end soon, which quite “foreshadows” the image of flowers blooming, trees turning green, birds singing, while the sun is shining. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? You are to get a teaser from that during this week, but don’t get too comfy in the nice weather, for according to the forecast, winter doesn’t seem to leave just yet. shares the weather forecast of the National Weather Service for this week, which promises quite a varying weather. The foggy-turned-sunny-turned-cloudy Monday is followed by a rainy Tuesday with strong winds. The coldest temperature is said to be between -1 and 4 Celsius degrees, whereas the maximum will be about 5-11.

Wednesday will still be a bit characterized by winds, however, the sun is expected to shine on us all. Slight showers are predicted for a few areas in the north and even for a fewer in the south. In terms of temperature: from -1-5 it will warm straight up to 7-14 degrees Celsius. Those living in the north-east shall prepare for the colder, while those in the south-west shall welcome the warmest temperatures.

Rather strong – in some places even stormy – winds are to dominate Thursday, though, showers are barely predicted again for the same areas as on Wednesday. Sunshine will brighten the day of the southerners mainly in the afternoon. Yet, even in the coldest hours the thermometer will stay in the positive zone, displaying approx. 2-8 degrees. The warming will continue and not stop till 9-16 degrees.

Then, Friday brings the clouds and rain back: several areas are to take a shower during the day and the wind also gets stronger and stormy by the evening. Temperature-wise, 3-9 degrees and 7-14 degrees are expected, with the north being colder and the south being warmer.

Stormy winds and rain are forecast for Saturday, too, moreover, you shall not be surprised by snow showers either. The minimum temperature will vary between -1 and 4 degrees, the maximum between 3-8 degrees.

Presumably, the last day of the week will have some sunny spells, but rain and snow showers as well. The temperature will also drop to -5-0 degrees during the coldest times and rise to 3-8 degrees in the warmest periods during Sunday.

Photo: MTI

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