Manufacturers of the Real Csíki Beer seem to have quite hard times, as they lost lawsuit against Heineken and their product became banned in Romania.

As writes, the Csíkszentsimon-based manufacturers had been in a legal fight with the international company for years. This beer, named after Ciuc (Csík for Hungarians) is present on the Romanian markets and is regarded as a “csíki” beer by the Hungarians in Transylvania. But Heineken registered the “Csíki Prémium” word mark in Romania and purchased the local Ciuc premium (Csíki Prémium) brand.

And now reports that the table court in Romania decided to ban the products labelled as the Real Csíki Beer. Furthermore, the manufactory is obliged to destroy all tools and objects within 30 days. They think the reason behind this is that the decision of the European Union Intellectual Property Office supported the Hungarian Csíki earlier by defending the mark.

Also, they pointed out that 140 people were employed in Seklerland, thus they treat the judiciary’s decision as an offence against a Sekler company. Additionally, Jobbik asks everyone to not buy beers manufactured by Heineken until the company stops its attempts to destroy the Sekler beer.

There might be a solution though, as the statement of Zoltán Salamon, Transylvanian member of the Hungaricum Committee, suggests the inclusion of the Real Csíki Beer amongst the Hungaricums, for this brand illustrates the Sekler company embracing their identity and symbols. Moreover, the Real Csíki Beer has also become one of the symbols of Seklerland.


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Source:, 24.hul

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