The project contains the complete reconstruction of the restaurants’ area, getting environmentally free operating and involving charity work and events into the mall’s life. 

Magyar Építők reported that the EUR 15 million worth project of reconstructing and developing of Buda’s well-known shopping mall Allee has started. During the procedure, the shops, cafés and restaurants keep on operating as all the works are undertaken after the mall closes for the night. The new corridor of the mall will soon be built, and the restaurants’ area will get more restaurants, seats and even a separated place for young children. 


Because of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it is also among the plans to make the mall suitable for social distancing in case of another outbreak in the future.

The project also aims to broaden the variety Allee can offer. Currently, the mall with its 140 stores, cinema with 13 screening rooms, restaurants, offices, fitness rooms, and a parking space for 1200 cars is one of the best-known malls in Buda attracting 18 million people in one year. Another aim of the project is to make the ecological footprint of the mall smaller by introducing environmentally friendly methods in operating the building every day. 

The reconstruction work is challenging as during the day the mall is open for visitors which means that the construction areas need to be entirely separated to avoid accidents.

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