Turizmusonline.hu shares a list lining up the most visited Hungarian places, with Budapest, especially Districts V and VII, being massively on the top.

The data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) shows that the number of guest nights almost in the whole country increased majorly in 2016 compared to the previous year. Altogether 27.7 million guest nights were registered at commercial accommodation, half of which was spent by foreigners. Specifically, it is said that the increase altogether was of 7%, while foreigners’ guest nights rose by 6.9% and that of the locals by 7.1%. Mind you though that it was not necessarily the case in a few regions, settlements, or districts in the capital city.

Apparently, 2016 was the best year for Hungarian tourism

The tourists spent 34% of the guest nights in Budapest: 9.3 million nights, 88% of which were made up by foreign people. Therefore, it might be easy to see that the dwellers of Hungary do not put Budapest on the top of their target list, only 8% of the domestic traffic is spent in the city, even though it increased by 11.2%.

Below there is the table containing the 2016 data of the nine tourist regions and the capital city.

AreaGuest nightsForeign guest nightsDomestic guest nights
quantity2015-16 (%)2008-16 (%)qua.2015-16 (%)2008-16 (%)qua.2015-16 (%)2008-16 (%)
All national traffic276954657,038,7138513326,938,4138441337,138,9
Budapest-Mid Danubia105801257,055,685260326,157,6205409310,947,7
Northern Hungary Region22683725,659,137532110,155,818930514,759,7
Northern Plains R.20906077,515,965019412,911,114404135,218,2
Lake Tisza R.3171282,59,211280631,342,2204322-8,6-3,2
Southern Plains R.17097556,246,938403512,745,413257204,547,3
Mid Transdanubia R.116530515,454,432504710,617,384025817,476,0
Lake Balaton R.53915976,218,917844942,2-7,036071038,337,9
Southern Transdanubia R.114837512,229,92038822,4-13,594449314,645,7
Western Transdanubia30242015,130,6148952110,849,215346800,116,5

Compared to the previous year the increase made by the Southern Plains and Southern Transdanubia Regions were far higher than the increase of the whole national traffic. The growth of foreign traffic was least prominent in the Balaton and Southern Transdanubia Regions, whereas the domestic traffic in Mid Transdanubia, Southern Transdanubia Regions and the capital city performed much better than in the previous year.

Also, the government is to plough billions into tourism this year

Regarding Budapest and its districts, KSH registered traffic in all 23 districts except for District XVII. In fourteen districts it was between 200,000 and 2 million, while eight districts had 4-50,000 registered guest nights in 2016.

OrderBudapest’s districtsGuest nights altogetherForeign guest nightsDomestic guest nights
2016 (qua.)change (%)2016 (qua.)change (%)2016 (qua.)change (%)
13.IV211897+5.4no data164818+5.9no data470793.5no data
16.XXIII19233+3.0no data10587-33.3no data8646+208.6no data
18.XVIII13446+67.6no data8710+56.8no data4736+91.7no data
19.XX10453+29.6no data1068-15.8no data9385+38.1no data
20.XXI9023+23.8-46.40no data-100.09023+23.8-24.3

The table shows that District V enjoyed the most visits, only this part had 2.1 million guest nights giving 23% of the whole traffic of Budapest. Also, Districts VI, XIII and XI had a prominent increase, while District X showed a decrease of 5.3% in the number of guest nights.

On the account of the traffic of the countryside, the 25 most visited places add up 35.4% of the whole country’s traffic, as the remaining places give 30.9% and Budapest has 33.7%. The top 25 includes Hévíz and Hajdúszoboszló, making an increase of 8,6% and 8.7%, on the very top, followed by Siófok with a moderate growth.

Comparing to the earlier years the results show that the very best 8 settlements have been successfully securing their positions, lining up as follows: Hévíz, Hajdúszoboszló, Siófok, Bük, Balatonfüred, Zalakaros, Sárvár, and Eger. Notably though, Velence could manage to jump up 9 places on the list within just one year, whereas Sopron dropped by 4 places during the same period.

Besides, Hévíz and Hajdúszoboszló could strengthen both of their foreign and domestic traffic and so did Siófok, in the last year. The Bük area was stronger in terms of foreign traffic, whereas Balatonfüred had more domestic guests.

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Source: turizmusonline.hu

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