Twentysix Király Street

Here are eight of Budapest’s most promising restaurants.


panna belga gofri fagyizo budpest

Panna offers giant crepes, Belgian waffles, and churros, amongst other absolutely delicious things, that are sure to satisfy any sweet cravings of visitors, writes Funzine. They also have beverages such as their matcha latte or Lamborghini espresso to accompany your white chocolate-strawberry-oreo waffle or crepe with whipped cream on top.

Location: 1 Csemete Street, Budapest 1036


portobello coffee and wine budapest

Budapest has got another great and creative cafe and winery in its busiest shopping street. Portobello has natural wines which are fermented without any additives. But sustainability is also important for them when it comes to their coffee range, which comes from The Barn Coffee Roasters in Berlin. They offer breakfast and lunch options as well, such as their Ricotta Hotcake (honey, whipped cream, nuts, and seasonal fruit) or Beet Reuben (roast beets, Tomme de Savoie, sauerkraut).

Location: 16 Veres Pálné Street, Budapest 1053

Panko Restaurant

panko restaurant budapest

Budapest’s Ráday Street is nicknamed the city’s SoHo because of its lively, music-filled atmosphere and the delicious smells of food in the air. Panko has recently joined their culinary community with their home-made taste and friendly prices – a three-course lunch menu is only about €4 –, and their napkins and straws are also bio-degradable. Their range offers typical Hungarian dishes, such as Hortobágy-style pancake or csirkepaprikás. But they also have international favourites like Wiener Schnitzel, hamburgers, and club sandwiches.

Location: 1-3 Ráday Street, Budapest 1092

Cups & Mugs

cups and mugs

Cups & Mugs allows you to enjoy your coffee cravings and caffein needs while also being conscious of our environment. They have dark and light roasted coffees, but those who prefer filtered coffee also have a selection of preparation procedures to choose from, such as V60, Chemex Kalita, or Aeropress. You can order coffee-to-go, but if you want to sit for a bit, they have a gallery where you can sip your beverage in peace.

Location: 7 Dohány Street, Budapest 1074

Cinema City Mammut

cinema city magyarország

Cinema City Mammut opened last December in Buda. It currently has five rooms with 880 seats and a Dolby Atmos audio system. By spring, however, more rooms will be built, among them what will be Hungary’s biggest VIP movie room, which will have adjustable leather seats, a unique atmosphere, and a wide range of food that will be made there, as well as unlimited snacks and drinks.

Location: 2-6 Lövőház Street, Budapest 1024


Twentysix Király Street
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Twentysix Király Street
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tapassio budapest

Tapassio is not your regular Spanish restaurant. Their menu offers Hungarian, Italian, as well as several other Mediterranean countries’ dishes, but they serve them as tapas, or finger food. The wide range of Hungarian and international wines and spirits complement Tapassio’s both cold and hot dishes.

Location: 13 Hercegprímás Street, Budapest 1051

Donna Mamma

donna mamma budapest

The idea of Donna Mamma was born after the owners of popular restaurant chain Bamba Marha passed the pizza-making exam of the notable Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (Pizza Association of Naples). They decided to open a restaurant that is worthy of such an organisation, and so Donna Mamma came to be. Their ingredients come from Italy and are of the best quality, such as San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and doppio zero flour. They offer interesting and exciting tastes and special toppings.

Location: 1-3 Rákóczi Street, Budapest 1088


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