Budapest, February 5 (MTI) – Radical nationalist Jobbik on Wednesday presented its national list and individual candidates for the April 6 general election.

The 116-member national list is topped by party leader Gabor Vona, Jobbik’s prime minister candidate, followed by 25 Jobbik members sitting also as lawmakers in Hungary’s current assembly.

Speaking at a press conference, Vona said that unlike ruling Fidesz leader Viktor Orban and opposition Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy, he is the only prime minister candidate who will run in an individual constituency, in northern Hungary’s Gyongyos.

The list has five Jobbik member ethnic Hungarians from beyond the border, placed 46th-50th, Vona noted.

Istvan Meszaros, the chief captain of the New Hungarian Guard Movement is 55th on the list, he added.

Levente Muranyi, who was convicted for 1956, is symbolically placed 56th on the list, he said.

Vona said Jobbik would hold a rally launching its nationwide election campaign on February 15 in Miskolc, the seat of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen county the party wants to turn into its stronghold.

He said Jobbik will run its campaign “as the strongest opposition party” that “has managed to remain the only opposition force maintaining unity over the past four years against the two-thirds government majority” in parliament.

He said Jobbik would communicate its slogan “order, livelihood and accountability” in mostly personal campaigns.



  1. He is a tot al embarrasment to Hungary. An out of control thug, and like his predecessor Csanad Szegedi, might soon discover, ooooooohh, that he is Jewish too. After all, Jesus Christ was a devout Jew at his last breath. Shame on such ignorance, and how in the 21st century can a Nazi group be a part of the Hungarian parliament.. A worldwide joke.

  2. WE are very proud of Vona Gábor, and he is a great man and father.

    Sorry Aviva, you are misunderstand Jobbik targets, you don’t know anything about this party. I think you have to read this article:
    Don’t believe just one side, they aren’t nazis, they would like to get Better Hungary!

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