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Embankment promenade leading to the Duna Arena is finished in Budapest

Embankment promenade leading to the Duna Arena is finished in Budapest

One of the most modern public spaces on the picturesque Danube river embankment is Moszkva promenade.

The investment was targeted for the 17th FINA World Championships hosted by Budapest. The new promenade will definitely be a useful and enjoyable infrastructural element for foreign visitors during the World Championships and in the long run it will serve the needs of inhabitants of all ages enjoying a nice cycling trip, running, some sport or a relaxing walk on the embankment promenade.

The construction of the promenade is a significant development on the international as well as municipal level:

– It was constructed primarily for the major aquatic tournament, the 17th FINA World Championships. The promenade will be used by foreign guests, officials as well as inhabitants and visitors of district XIII.

– It is located by the Danube, a key waterway in Europe for international trade and tourism. Due to the vicinity of several ports nearby as well as Margaret Island the promenade and its area is an important spot for domestic and foreign tourism alike.

– The cycle path will become an integral part of the EuroVelo international bicycle network along the Danube.

The promenade brought about a total renewal of a section of the embankment on the Pest side which was out of use before. A 1150m long 7m wide divided pedestrian and cycle path has been constructed. The divided pedestrian and cycle paths joins an existing non-divided pedestrian and cycle path under Árpád Bridge as well as a cycle path constructed in the course of the Dagály project. On the southern side cyclists have access to the upper embankment and existing cycle paths in Dráva street via the hub by Dráva street.

Retaining walls by the promenade have been decorated with the design elements of the World Championships so this section of the embankment promotes one of the greatest sporting events in the history of Budapest and Hungary.

The project constitutes an important element of a high-prestige urban development scheme serving local and touristic purposes alike in the framework of which cycle paths and pedestrian promenade is being constructed from the Parliament to Dagály beach along the lower embankment on the Pest side and then as a continuation to the north, from Népfürdő street to Rákos River. It provides a high quality link and ensures pedestrian and bicycle access between the downtown and North Pest and it will become an integral part of the EuroVelo network as well.

The project entailed the redevelopment of surrounding green spaces, areas, the installation of uniquely designed street furniture and bicycle stands and the preparation of smart public lighting and smart city solutions.

The reconstruction has been completed combining the present and the future in line with the smart city concept. New public lighting poles – convertible into smart spots – have been implemented along the promenade therefore the conditions necessary for providing free public Wifi are now available in Budapest – one of the first cities with such facilities-. These modern poles feature energy saving, environmentally sound LED lights.

Technical parameters:

– construction of a promenade and cycle path with the length of 1150 m
– 7 m width: 4 m pedestrian platform + 2×1.25 m cycle path + 0.5 m median strip
– more than 7500 m2 decorative covering
– 75 uniquely designed benches
– 9 uniquely designed sun benches
– 51 bicycle stands and 30 litter bins
– more than 160 newly planted trees
– more than 60 public lighting poles with LED lights convertible into smart ones

The Duna Arena, key venue of the 17th FINA World Championships, can now be accessed easily and conveniently through the embankment on Pest side (as well). We are looking forward to welcoming thousands of fans seizing the opportunity of using the promenade.


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