Minister of State for Energy Affairs of the Ministry of National Development Pál Kovács received representatives of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, Deputy Director-General Masahiko Fujihara and Deputy Director Takashi Matsumoto in his office on 15 October, 2013. The meeting was also attended by Vice Chairman of the Japanese Atomic Energy Commission Tatsujiro Suzuki.

In the past year, there have been intensive consultations between the Hungarian and Japanese parties for studying high-efficiency and environmentally friendly coal utilisation systems. The energy policy targets of both the Ministry of National Development of Hungary and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry point towards the development of pure carbon technologies. As Pál Kovács had pointed out earlier, the Japanese project concepts fit in well with the efforts of the Hungarian government in energetics and job creation so the continuation of the dialogue facilitating deeper cooperation should be supported.

The Japanese delegation’s visit is meant to create opportunity to discuss directions of energy cooperation granting further mutual benefits to both countries. The Minister of State for Energy Affairs underlined that the Japanese party had great expertise in the fields of both manufacturing technology and research and development, which, through knowledge sharing, could be well used for Hungarian energy production developments as well. Hungary can, on the other hand, help the progress of countries to newly introduce nuclear energy in their national energy mix by nuclear education programmes and infrastructure suitable for education. The experience of Hungarian nuclear experts could be meaningful help for Japan for the efficient cooperation of state and technical organs and the effective operation of the local protection administration system in the prevention of nuclear accidents.

The exchange of information, technology and experience between the two countries shapes and strengthens efforts urging the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The joint efforts contribute to achieving the international development goals of environmentally friendly coal utilisation systems at the centre of research targeting the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Source: Ministry of National Development Communications Department

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