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A lot of companies today want to be in a position where they can earn environmental awards of some kind or another. The environmental award for Microgaming really is an honor for them, especially in the modern world. Sustainability standards for buildings have increased tremendously over the years.

The fact that the new headquarters for Microgaming has met with a lot of these high modern standards really does mean something. It demonstrates that the company is not just advertising its commitment to sustainability with nothing to show for it. They actually are putting this aspect of the company philosophy into practice, which is more than can be said for a lot of companies today.

It’s common for modern companies to claim that they are committed to sustainability while failing to really make any effort towards environmentally friendly practices. They might do the bare minimum or meet sustainability standards that were established decades ago. Recycling policies in offices were more impressive in the late twentieth century.

Today, they are largely regarded as necessary but inadequate, especially since the energy and water usage of a building is more important than the waste paper usage of employees.

It’s also common for companies these days to make a lot of plans where they will move towards sustainability. However, a number of those companies will still fail to do so. In situations like this, it’s somehow doubtful that those companies ever really intended to make progress in the first place. Making plans to move towards sustainability is easy enough. Actually putting new measures into practice is much more impressive.

Microgaming is an example of a company that followed through with its plans towards sustainability, making sure that its new headquarters were sustainable right from the start. It’s easier to design a building to be sustainable initially than it is to modify an older existing building.

The new Microgaming headquarters certainly have available recycling facilities, and they are located on every floor of the building. However, recycling facilities should only be part of the picture, and that is the case here. The headquarters themselves are partly made from recycled and reclaimed materials, more or less making the Microgaming headquarters a monument to recycling.

The initial use of materials to create a building is an important consideration.

The building’s continued use of resources is even more important, and Microgaming seems to be doing very well in that way.

Thanks to the smart lighting, the new Microgaming headquarters will automatically save on electricity usage. The smart heating controls will also allow Microgaming to save on the energy used to heat the building throughout the year. Employees will be drinking out of washable cups rather than the disposable ones that are infamous in many corporate environments. This is a company that is demonstrating that society at large is making more progress with regards to sustainability.

When people meet the smartphone of the future, it may be produced by companies that are making similar efforts towards sustainability. A lot of tech companies are trying to improve in this way.

Microgaming is one of the leaders.

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