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The movie, directed by Attila Szász based on Norbert Köbli’s script, commemorates those sent to Russian gulags – says Szeretlek Magyarország.

Hungarian success at Prix Europa – The European Broadcasting Festival. Eternal Winter has already won some prizes before, and now it has won the award of the Best European TV Movie or Mini-Series of the Year.

The award-winning film is about the horrors of Gulags. Norbert Köbli, the scriptwriter, shared the great success on his Facebook page:

“Guys, big news! Eternal Winter has just won the Best European Movie of the Year award in Berlin. Indeed, the best among ZDF’s, BBC’s and RAI’s movies. Marina Gera, who played the main role of the film, accepted the award at the ceremony of Prix Europa – The European Broadcasting Festival on behalf of the authors. She told us the jury were crying”

– he said.

The historical drama is based on János Havasi’s short story, Little girls, the time has passed (Lánykák, az idő eljárt), which is based on true events. It tells the story of a man and a woman who are taken away from their families to a coal mine in Russia. Will they ever get home? How much can one stay human in an inhuman world? Can they get through hell? If yes, at what price? The movie is looking for the answers to these questions.

“We have never highlighted such an important issue, and none of our films has had such a great impact on people, and on ourselves either.”

– said Norbert Köbli.

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

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