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Hungary has got used to being attacked by the European Commission for its anti-migration stance, the justice ministry state secretary told national daily Magyar Idők.

“They want us to pull down the fence [along the southern border] and let migrants enter Hungary,” Pál Völner said in the interview published on Thursday.

“As Brussels may launch a lawsuit against Hungary in the days to come because of [its opposition to] the mandatory migrant quotas, the struggle over immigration has but just begun,” he said.

The Luxembourg court made it clear in its ruling that the related EU resolution is valid, the 2015 September decision on the temporary distribution of migrants among the EU member states was made in an appropriate framework, he said.

The EC’s migration commissioner, however, announced on the very day of the ruling that the EC would make a proposal for an automatic, permanent mechanism this year. It follows that the inflow of migrants would be permanent, Völner said.

“[Hungary] has acknowledged the ruling. It is an important detail, however, that the Luxembourg court’s decision gives no cause for Hungary to change its immigration policy that rejects the takeover of migrants. It does not oblige Hungary to do anything, it only declares that the quota decision was legal,” Völner said.

As we wrote last Friday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said he completely agreed with Slovak premier Robert Fico that the European Court of Justice decision to dismiss Slovakia and Hungary’s complaint concerning EU mandatory migrant quotas had to be acknowledged.


Source: MTI

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