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The European Union (EU) plans to bar travelers from the United States and some other countries where the COVID-19 outbreak has not been effectively controlled as the bloc will reopen in July, U.S. media reported Friday.

After several rounds of negotiation in recent weeks, EU senior diplomats in Brussels have come up with a final list of the safe countries from which travelers are welcomed to the bloc, U.S. media outlet The New York Times reported.

As the United States has registered the most COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world, it is “highly unlikely” to be included in the final list, the newspaper said.

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The exclusion of the United States, an important source of tourism to the EU, “represented a stinging rebuke” to the U.S. administration’s management of the pandemic, the report said.

The 27-member bloc plans to reopen on July 1 after months of lockdown, according to the report.

Russia is also among dozens of other countries that are considered by the EU diplomats as too risky.

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Countries on the safe list were judged on their infection rates and the credibility of their reporting data, among other criteria, and the list will be updated every two weeks, it said.

The safe list is not final, and still needs to be formalized in the member states’ governments, the report said, adding the EU officials “did not expect the list to change.”

Source: Xinhua

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  1. Countries of the European Union must safeguard themselves from citizens of the United States of America, from entering there country.
    The shambles that America presently finds itself , the number of deaths and continuing daily high new cases of infested citizens, in 39 of there 50 states, with this novel coronavirus, is a humanitarian tragedy.
    This is not a second wave of this pandemic, occurring in the United States of America, but the continuing ongoing inability of a country, still in the 1st wave of this pandemic, a country of 331 million people, that lack’s leadership and discipline, to uniformly bond and come together and fight this deadly virus.
    The coming weeks are going to be critical in the United States of America, to address the surging in new numbers of cases of the novel coronavirus, that has been witnessed over the past (7) seven days, especially in Florida, Texas, in Arizona and growing in numbers of other states.
    If the United States of America does not get control of this novel coronavirus pandemic by months end July 2020, essentially, they will be chasing after a raging out of control forest fire.
    America – is paying for it’s ERROR.
    Stay Well – ALL.

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