Toulouse, 26.06.2016., photo: MTI

As the Euros ended, the French L’Équipe magazine collected all the bests of the tournament into different film categories and, luckily for us, included two Hungary-related elements as well, reports

L’Équipe named the top scorer Antioine Griezmann – he scored 6 goals – the “Best Director”, while, as the Germany v. Italy match that turned into a battle of penalty shootouts in the quarter finals – with great names, intensive action, turns of action, and dramatic ending – won the title “Best Film”.

However, the “Best Script” award went to the Hungary v. Portugal match, when, for 3 times it seemed that the future champions would not get qualified to the Round of 16. Though, the Portuguese resurrected and the interesting game ended with a draw.

Furthermore, the record-setter goalkeeper of Hungary, Gábor Király was also rewarded, he won in the “Best Costume” category with his famous grey joggers, whereas the “Best Decoration” title become owned by the Eiffel tower.

Moreover, captain of the Welsh national team, Gareth Bale was named “Best Actor” for his play in the epic “Wales’ road to the semis”, and the award for “Best Actress” was also given away: the Italian Simone Zaza won the title for his dance moves.

Photo: MTI

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