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The European Commission has said it will examine whether the new legislative package adopted by Hungary’s parliament on Wednesday falls in line with EU law, and it will take the Venice Commission’s opinion into consideration, an EU commission spokesman said on Thursday.

Lawmakers on Wednesday passed a government-sponsored constitutional amendment aiming to “preserve Hungary’s Christian culture”, set up an administrative high court and ban homelessness.

Pending the assessment’s conclusions, the commission will take any steps necessary, Christian Wigand, said.

The commission will take into account the impact of the law on European values as well as how those values are protected, he added.

Commenting on the new rules on homelessness contained in the constitution, Wigand said all EU member states, including Hungary, have committed themselves to sheltering and helping refugees and homeless people as well as promoting their social integration. The commission‘s policy is that homeless people should have access to shelter, he added.

Source: MTi

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