The Hungarian women’s team won the bronze medal in the European Water Polo Championship. It was a great fight against the Italians, but in the end the Hungarian girls won the delight of the home crowd.

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Hungary-Italy 10-9 (2-3, 5-2, 0-2, 3-2)
Goals: Antal 3, Bujka, Keszthelyi 2-2, Illes, Kisteleki, Szűcs 1-1 (Hungary); Bianconi 3, Di Mario, Garibotti 2-2, Cotti, Emmolo 1-1 (Italy)

Saturday afternoon home team Hungary played against Italy in the bronze medal game. Andras Meresz head coach started the game with Gangl in front of the net instead of Bolonyai. Italy started better, but ad a result of the great form Hungary showed in the second quarter, Hungary had a 2-goals advantage in the break.

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Italy tied in the 3rd period, but Hungary could step away with two hits at 9-7. The game had a really exciting finish, but Hungary, playing concentrated, won with a 10-9 final result. Dora Antal became the best scorer of her team with 3 goals, Edina Gangl saved 11 shots out of 20.

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Ladies’ national team of Hungary played the 5th bronze medal game in a row, and following the 2012 European Championships in Eindhoven and the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, left the pool after a victory for the 3rd time.

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Photo: MTI – Tamas Kovacs


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