An agreement of the establishment of Europe’s first Ayurveda university faculty has been signed on Wednesday between the President of University of Debrecen (DE) and the President of Indian National Academy of Ayurveda AYUSH.

At a press-conference held after the signing ceremony, DE rector Zoltán Szilvássy told to media workers that Western medicine can’t fully cope with chronic disease prevention and rehabilitation; it has no answers how to preserve the health of the people while the five thousand year-old Ayurveda science has all the answers to these questions.

Ayurveda is a complex discipline, which includes food and pharmaceutical sciences, philosophy, scientific research, and massage and movement development. The University of Debrecen is advocating Asian medical practices and supporting the initiative to make the Asian medical practice available in Hungary said the rector, adding that cooperation between the two institutions allows the introduction of Ayurvedic training into graduate programs supported by the Indian government and the National Academy of Ayurveda AYUSH.

The first Ayurveda center in Europe is expected to produce medical products by involving local businesses into the initiative; these products then, will be marketed in the European Union.



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