Synod’s VP: Bishops did not vote in respect of Balog

The Presidium of the Synod, the four bishops and the three chief elders present did not take part in Tuesday's vote. #religion #church

Bishop Fekete asks Balog to resign as president of Synod

Bishop Fekete said that he had asked Balog "with a theologically-based argument" to reconsider his decision and resign as president of the Synod in view of the situation. #church #religion

Hungarian bishop apologises over opinion given in support of presidential pardon

Reformed Bishop Zoltán Balog said on Tuesday that he had been asked to give his opinion and agreed with supporting a presidential pardon #religion #reformedchurch #church #president

House Speaker Kövér: Developing eastern network priority for Hungary

László Kövér told his Kyrgyz counterpart that Hungary continued to see "developing the eastern network" as a priority. #Kyrgyzstan #politics

Hungary will teach the United Nations how to protect persecuted Christians?

Do you think Christians need to be protected? #religion #UnitedNations #Christian

Hungary Helps programme focuses on Nigeria, Nicaragua and Iraq

the Hungarian government provides aid to persecuted Christians in Nigeria, Nicaragua and Iraq. #Africa #Christians #Christianity #Orbáncabinet #government

PHOTOS: President Novák recognises Transylvanian Bishop Kató with Hungarian Order of Merit

In his laudation at the ceremony, Bishop Zoltán Balog referred to Kató as "a guideline to Catholics and Protestants, to all Christian communities seeking to preserve their Hungarian identity." #religion #identity #community #transylvania

Ecumenical prayer week begins in Hungary

The Ecumenical prayer week has a long tradition in Hungary

Center for Fundamental Rights director: Hungary the last place where people can speak their minds

Hungary is "a country still led by elected politicians, not ruled by a bureaucratic deep state," Miklós Szánthó said. #religion #family

State secretary Azbej talks about Christian persecution in Europe

"It is important to break the silence and to say out loud that this is Christian persecution," Tristan Azbej said. #christian #religion

Hungarian Catholic Church goes against Pope Francis concerning blessing same-sex couples

Pope Francis approved letting Catholic priests bless same-sex couples on 18 December, but the Hungarian Church does not agree with him. #PopeFrancis #CatholicChurch #lgbtq #samesexmarriage #marriage

Pope Francis blesses Hungarian wine

Pál Rókusfalvy said that Tokaji wine is so important for Hungary that it is even in the hymn. On this occasion, Rókusfalvy gave Pope Francis a trilingual print of the hymn. #PopeFrancis #wine #Hungarianwine

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Time capsule found in dome of Hungarian church

The time capsule was found in the dome of Sarlós Boldogasszony Church, containing a letter that is a century and twenty years old. #history #church #timecapsule

Hungary condemns attack on Catholics in Philippines

The foreign minister on Sunday issued a condemnation of a bombing during a Catholic service in the southern Philippines city of Marawi #Philippines #foreignminister #government

PHOTOS: Indian Sun God worshipped at festival held in Budapest

Here are some photos #India #religion #photogallery #celebration #food

Hungary, Italy join forces to help persecuted Christians

The state secretary for aiding persecuted Christians presented achievements of the Hungary Helps programme in the Vatican #Italy #government #Christians #religion #Hungaryhelps

New bishop of the Serbian Reformed Church, László Harangozó, was consecrated

The consecration of a new bishop took place on Saturday in the Reformed Christian Church in Serbia #délvidék #református

Service held at Dohány Street Synagogue to show solidarity with Israel

Róbert Frölich, the chief rabbi of Hungary, said the war was not just a cause for Arabs and Jews but "for all of us that live on this planet and consider ourselves human".... #Israel #Budapest #war

The 2022 census results are out: here are the most important details

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office revealed the detailed results of the 2022 census concerning language, ethnicity and religion. #census #2022census #population #Hungarians

The mage trials: the history of the 13th century Hungarian Inquisition

Have you ever heard of the Hungarian Inquisition of the 13th century? #history #inquisition #magic #mage #trials