According to, even more Hungarians will work abroad, the differences in wealth are growing, but the gender pay gap will shrink ­– this is what the generation Z expects from the next 10 years, turns out from Medián’s new research.

For 14-25 year-olds, the so-called generation Z, the most important device of gaining information is the Internet. Two third of them regard social media sites and online news portals as their number one source of information, and the importance of personal network of relations is exceeding that of traditional media, television, radio and printed media.

Almost everyone (99%) is on Facebook: their absolute majority spends at least one or two hours daily on Facebook, primarily with chatting.

The leading online portal regarding political and public life news is, while and are competing for the second place. A little bit behind them comes and, while web pages containing tabloid journalism and online versions of daily newspapers have a smaller reader base. More than four-tenth of them (but half of those younger than 20 years) do not directly look up news pages, they only counter them through their Facebook friends’ shared posts – Medián’s new statistics show.

In connection with migration, two-fifth of the respondents believe in the strengthening of Islamic influence in Europe, but less respondents suppose that the number of Muslims or Arabs would increase in Hungary. Most of them predict a growth in the gypsy population, but only every fourth respondent mentioned it.

The majority believes that the big international companies’ role will increase till 2027 both in the number of employees and the economic achievement. Regarding personal future prospects, four-fifth of young people expect to have a university degree in ten years’ time, and most of them predict they will work as employees, but two-fifth of them see themselves as future entrepreneurs. Only every sixth-seventh respondent is planning to do physical work.

Counting with the circumstances of today, they would accept a job for gross €875 (269000 HUF) monthly wage, and a monthly €1400 (420000 HUF) payment is seen as an especially good income.

The salary is the dominant factor when choosing a workplace: 80% of the responses included it and every fourth respondent says it is the most important aspect,

it is followed by a secure position and the atmosphere at the workplace. Compared to older respondents, younger ones consider circumstances, possibility of work abroad, and strong leadership more important.

Four-fifth of respondents wish to live in a relationship, the majority of them wants to be married. The generation Z expects to have 2.2 children on average women plan to have more than men do.

As regards methodology: the collection of data was conducted through an online survey which was completed between 11 July and 2 August 2017 by respondents recruited via Facebook-ads and other advertisements. 9099 surveys were started through the time of the research, but only 659 were completed. The study was made for British Telecom.


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