The Hungarian mountaineer arrived to the base camp at 5200 meters. With the Spar Everest Expedtioin, Klein is set to climb the world’s highest mount withouth the use of bottled oxygen, reports

The camp what he reached is basically a tent-town. All Everest expeditions start forms here, hundreds of people live there in the mountaineering season . For the comfort of the mountaineers there are kitchen tents with local cooks as well as bath tents. The camp is also a site for relaxing and social interactions. The people staying there can socialize with each other as well as play football or volleyball between the tents.

However, a few kilometers away there is another camp, sort of a local ‘wild west’. This site is seasonal, the mountaineers can try here Tibetan specialities like yak foot. Even beer can be bought here.



Klein will meet a Chinese government officer at the base camp who keeps track of the expeditions. This officer spend the whole season in the base camp, and is rumored to accept ( or even expect) small gifts for his services.

The Hungarian mountaineer will spend some days in the base camp, but soon will part with a yak caravan to the advanced base camp at 6400 meters.


Klein will continue the acclimatisation process in the next few days. He will start building his future camps from the middle of April at 7050, 7800 and 8300 meters. According to, the final ascent is planned to be started at the end of May or beginning of June.

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by Oliver Tamasi

Photo: MTI


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