Italy is one of the most famous European countries known for its rich culture. They are remarkable when it comes to the food dishes and wine labels they come up. Their food and drink innovation have made a significant influence not only to their country but to the whole world. They are also known for their most epic landmarks, which is part of the world’s history. 

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The richness of historic food and drinks that Italy produces has made the country’s identity stronger when it comes to their economic status. The best thing that they developed is wine labels which become part of everyone’s table when it comes to party celebrations. The wine labels that their vineyards have crafted made a considerable impact talking about the winery world. 

Every wine label made in Italy is nothing less but prominent. Their ability to catch the needs of every wine taster with regards to wine flavor is hugely over the top. Hence, here are the things you need to know about Italian wines. These things make up their Italian winery culture as a whole. 

Italy Produces More Wines Compared To Other Countries

There are lots of prominent regions and countries that produce wines. France is one of the biggest countries that makes the best wine labels. In recent years, Italy outlasted France becoming the most beloved country the produces most bottles of wine. They have produced some of the most famous Italian wines like Sassicaia. 

Italy has remained a staggering wine production holding a record of 39,300 winery hectoliters.

It is the main reason why Italy is the biggest country to produce a bottle of wine as of today. 

  Italian Wines have Rich History

The Italian wines have existed for 4,000 years already. They say that Italian vineyards are perfect when it comes to nourishing different grape varietals as they hold an ideal climate. The humidity in Italy is sufficient to grow wines allowing the production to become efficient. Wines were already part of the Italian table before the Greeks become part of their country. 

Italian Wines Are Kept On The Highest Quality 

Italian vineyards always make sure that the quality of their wines remains perfect and high. It is to make sure that they only distribute high standards of wine labels, and every market should love it. The winery production in Italy has kept two quality certificates that recognize the standard of their wine production. They are classified as IGP and DOP. 

Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) – it is a certificate of the designation given to Italian vineyards which carry all production in a defined area only. 

Protected Geographical Information (IGP) – it is a certificate which assures that part of the production takes place on a specified region. 

Italy Produces Some Of The Best Grape Varietals 

The Italian vineyards have produced a lot of grape varietals which makes up their massive wine production. It is because of their perfect climate the humidity. The country’s vineyard comes up with 400 grape varietals, and each variety is utilized to produce an elegant bottle of Italian wines. They also have produced three of the most renowned grape classification such as Trebbiano, Montepulciano, and Sangiovese. 

Veneto, Italy’s Heart of Winery 

There are many regions in Italy the produces prominent wine labels. Veneto is one of the most famous areas of Italy which deems as the heart of Italian winery. It is where the world’s premier wines are honed and considered as the largest wine-producing regions in the Italian territory. Their most massive production was in 2016 where they crafted around 10,000 winery hectoliters. 

Prosecco Was Born In Italy 

Prosecco is one of the most famous sparkling wines you can find in the market.

You can find this label whenever there is a big party celebration or any momentous event commemorated. It’s a cheaper sparkling wine. Most people love to buy this sparkling wine compared to other wine labels. 

Italian Wines Are Perfect For Food Pairings

Italy is known to produce an elegant bottle of wine so as popular foods. It is one of the best countries in the world that made pasta dishes known to every household. They have developed the world’s most famous pasta recipes which are now part of anyone’s table. It is also the main reason that the wine produced in this country is the best pair with the foods they originally made. The Italian rule food and wine pairing are that red wine should pair red foods. White wines should also pair white dishes.

Italian Wines Are Globally In-Demand 

Italy has produced a lot of famous wines that mark to the palate of every wine lover. It is why their labels become in demand, and some of the biggest countries in the world would import their products. Historically, the country was able to sell 225 million wine cases way back in 2016.

The top three most prominent importers of their wine include Germany, the United Kingdom, and the USA. 

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