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We have exciting news to tell movie enthusiasts: from December 21st to January 4th, there is a selection of a hundred Hungarian movies available for free online, some with English subtitles.

As part of a programme to digitalise and restore movies that count as classics in Hungary, became cult movies, are the favourite of the audience or have never been shown before. One hundred films by 54 directors are on the list, providing 4200 minutes of enjoyment – reports Filmarchiv.

The oldest movie is all the way from 1912 while the most recent is from 1998.

Animated movies, documentaries and feature films all made it to the list, so anyone can find something they like.

The life achievements of Zoltán Fábri got restored, so lesser-known, unique pieces like The Brute and Ants’ Nest are now available to watch. You can also watch Pál Zolnay’s groundbreaking movies directed to Sebő’s music, such as Photography, or sit through the tension-filled drama, Passion, by György Fehér. Besides legendary films such as The Wind Whistles Under Their Feet, Meteo and Cha-Cha-Cha,

evergreen comedies such as Hyppolit the Butler or We Never Die will also be available for fans and newcomers alike.

Numerous animated movies are now also available, with films aimed at various age groups. Apart from classics like Marcell Jankovics’s Yellow Submarine-inspired John the Valiant (a.k.a. Johnny Corncob) or György Kovásznai’s grotesque Bubble Bath, you can watch short films from world-renowned Hungarian filmmakers, too. Movies by Attila Dargay and Gyula Macskássy are a real treat.

Director György Ráduly said:

At the Hungarian National Film Archive (a 60 year old institution) we are working on the preservation and the restoration of the Hungarian film heritage, since 2017 as a division of the Film Fund (Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap). This action is due to the Hungarian Film Fund’s 10 years film digitization and restoration program executed by the Hungarian National Film Archive.

Movies that are available with English subtitles (click on the titles to reach the links):

Feature films

The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man, the reconstruction of a 1914 silent movie

The Boys of Paul Street, directed by Zoltán Fábri in 1968

The Pagan Madonna, directed by Gyula Mészáros in 1980

My 20th Century, directed by Ildikó Enyedi in 1988

Cha-Cha-Cha, directed by János Kovács in 1981

Circus Maximus, directed by Géza Radványi in 1980

The Brute, directed by Zoltán Fábri in 1960

People on the Alps, directed by István Szőts in 1941

A Song about the Wheatfields, directed by István Szőts in 1947

Photography, directed by Pál Zolnay in 1972

Ants’ Nest, directed by Zoltán Fábri in 1971

Hyppolit the Butler, directed by István Székely in 1931

Meteo, directed by András Monory Mész in 1990

We Never Die, directed by Róbert Koltai in 1992

Passion, directed by György Fehér in 1998

The Wind Whistles Under Their Feet, directed by György Szomjas in 1976


The Resolution, directed by Gyula Gazdag and Judit Ember in 1972

Pócspetri, directed by Judit Ember in 1983

Animated movies

Bubble Bath, directed by György Kovásznai in 1979

John the Valiant (a.k.a. Johnny Corncob), directed by Marcell Jankovics in 1973

The Joy of Light, directed by György Kovásznai in 1965

I Like Life A Lot, directed by Kati Macskássy in 1976

Two Peppercorn Steers, directed by Gyula Macskássy in 1954

The Clever Girl, directed by Gyula Macskássy in 1955

Defend Yourself, Little Man, directed by Attila Dargay in 1959

Variations on a Dragon, directed by Attila Dargay in 1967

Featured image: – Róbert Őszi

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  1. You can access the movies by clicking on their titles in the article 🙂

  2. As we wrote in the first sentence: The movies are available from December 21st to January 4th

  3. I am disappointed, as I just found time to look for a movie.

  4. Given current estimates that some 5%-7% of a general population has hearing impairment, one might think that a national film institute would consider making films accessable to the entire citizenry. The Magyar Nemzeti Filmarchívum is to be severely chastized for not making these films available with HUNGARIAN subtitles as well. It is nigh impossible to find a Hungarian film with Hungarian titles.

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