IT experts needed in Hungary

As Daily News Hungary has already reported, more and more Hungarian students enroll in IT courses. However, there is still great need for IT experts; at least 22,000 jobs are not filled in Hungary and 800,000 in the European Union. Fortunately, the government knows about the problem and tries to help with funding special education programs. Experts say that informatics education needs flexibility, less maths, and more English – according to a report by Magyar Nemzet.

Most IT experts should not be mathematicians

Allegedly, PM Viktor Orbán personally deals with the problem of few IT experts hindering Hungarian economic growth. Perhaps this is why Ministry for National Economy announced a 2.5 billion forints (EUR 7.95M) support for education programs in IT . Moreover, the number of students studying IT in Hungarian higher education increased in 2017. However,

only 5% of jobs require strong mathematical skills

– according to a survey conducted by Codecool, a company specialized in coder education. 80% of the companies search for software developers in the first place, and mobile applications developers in the second. None of these need strong maths skills required for a degree in Hungary. Thus, according to Gábor Bonyhádi, marketing director of Codecool

it is problematic that only higher education provides mass education in IT.

Teaching IT needs flexibility

While there is an equal need for frontend and backend colleagues, IT experts with a hard-won degree are unwilling to work in frontend positions, because they regard it inferior. Moreover, companies have to enroll their employees in internal education programs first. This is because the

graduates’ knowledge rarely meets the requirements of the job.

Hence, state spends a lot of money in IT education mostly in vain, since employers have to allocate additional resources.

According to Bonyhádi, Codecool planned to start courses without state accreditation, because the process lasts at least for 1.5 years, during which the material becomes mostly outdated. However, this is the only opportunity to give students the skills they need to use in real life situations.

English is more important for a future IT expert than maths

To make matters worse,

50% does not get a degree in IT in the Hungarian higher education.

This is much worse than the European average, since the rate is 10.7% in Great-Britain while 23% in Ireland.

In alternative education this percentage is much lower.

According to Green Fox Academy, another company specialized in coder education, the fail rate is less than 10%. This is partly because selection process is much more efficient than in higher education. Finding a job is not difficult either. According to Green Fox, 97% could find a job of the 92% who finished the program.

Coding is the art of logical thinking, thus, according to Bonyhádi, most of the unfilled jobs do not require deep mathematical knowledge. However, it is Soviet heritage in the Hungarian higher education that it concentrates on maths in teaching IT.

English is much more important since up to date learning materials are mostly inaccessible in Hungarian.

In addition, further self-education is unimaginable without knowing the language of the Internet.


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