Nagymaros, Hungary. Photo: Danube-Bend

Government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi announced two new boat lines in the Danube Bend in a press release on Monday.  Passengers can get off at any time, having a chance to explore the region, go for a hike, or just stroll around. Tickets cost only 1.5 euros.

MAHART decided to introduce two new boat lines in the Danube Bend, which will operate similarly to the Circle line they already have in the Danube Bend, working with the HOP-ON HOP-OFF principle, Index reports. MAHART’s already popular Circle line in the Danube Bend has been operating since 3 July 2020. Last weekend alone, about 4,000 people travelled with the Circle line in the Danube Bend.

The two new boat lines are:

  • Esztergom-Zebegény
  • Szentendre-Leányfalu-Tahitótfalu-Visegrád lines

The shorter line sails twice a day, while the longer one sails once a day. You can cruise on the Danube Bend for just HUF 500 (EUR 1.5). Buy your tickets online to avoid the queues at the cashier’s desk. For more detailed information, please visit MAHART’s website.

About the Danube Bend

Danube Bend is the collective name of the area in Northern Hungary near the city of Visegrád, where the river takes a huge curve towards the east. It lies between the Transdanubian Mountains and the North Hungarian Mountains.

The great thing about these new boat lines is that you can get off at any time to explore the settlements of the Danube Bend, then catch the next boat back. The Danube flows along several amazing Hungarian towns, all of them representing different architectural styles and fragments of history.

By taking a boat ride on the Danube and making short stops, you get to explore the various faces of Hungary. The most popular cities include Esztergom, Leányfalu, Dömös, Szentendre, and Visegrád.

esztergom basilica
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Source: www.index.hu; www.mahartpassnave.hu

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