The treacherous Easter weather will soon turn into cold temperatures, intensive wind, and snowfall in Hungary. Weather forecast for this week.

The sunny, windy weather of the last few days takes an unexpected turn for Tuesday morning. Precipitation is expected in several directions along the cold front, which carries frosty air and stormy winds from the northwest.

On Tuesday morning, the rain will be replaced by snowfall mainly in the western, northern, and northeastern parts of the country.

A permanent layer of snow is expected only on the mountain peaks; however, in the north, northeast, and especially in the higher landscapes, 5-6 centimetres of snow may remain temporarily, until late afternoon.

As Hungarian news portal Szeretlek Magyarország reports, the cold front brings cold, arctic air from the northwest, as a result of which the weather will be much colder than expected on Wednesday and Thursday.

It will even freeze in several places at night.

In addition, strong, stormy winds and snowstorms can be expected. In the afternoon, only 4-9°C will be measured.

On Wednesday, the sunny and cloudy weather may bring snow showers and thunders. The northwest wind will be strong, sometimes stormy. The temperature will be between -6°C and +1°C in the morning, while +6 and +11°C can be expected in the afternoon.

On Thursday, the sunny-cloudy weather will be accompanied by snow showers and thunderstorms in some parts of Hungary, with a daily temperature between 6°C and 11°C.

By the end of this week, the harsh weather will become springy again: warming can be expected from Friday.

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