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Ferenc M. was known as a loving father, but last week he killed his two sons in a rampage with an iron pipe.

Last Friday, Ferenc M. turned into a monster from one minute to the next. Bors reported that he attacked his seven and 9-year old sons with an iron pipe, then his wife, who just happened to walk into their house, then he killed himself.

Ferenc M. was known to be gentle and calm; he was responsible and reliable, a friend of the family says they never heard him raise his voice at the boys; they adored their father.

According to the newest sources, the man was taken over by some dark energies, he grabbed an iron pipe and attacked his boys. Adrienn, his wife, arrived home to the scene and completely froze. By then, Ferenc has lost his mind entirely and attacked his wife as well. She started running for her life, as it seemed her husband wanted to kill her too.

“Adrienn ran into the street with a croaking scream, she collapsed on the street as soon as she was out of the house, the neighbours called the police because of the bloodcurdling sound, and someone put a coat on the poor woman,” said a neighbour. By the time the police arrived, Ferenc had killed himself.

Adrienn’s mother said that her son-in-law had never been aggressive. He did not drink or smoke. She has no knowledge of Ferenc ever being under psychiatric help.

“The boys got their certificates not long ago, they were so proud. The two children were happy, balanced, smiling boys, they were good students, they could not wait to visit their grandmother abroad, we cannot stop sobbing since the news broke,” said a family friend.

Adrienn is currently under anaesthesia in a hospital. Her mother will reportedly take her back to Austria with her after she is woken up.

Source: borsonline.hu

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