Budapest Poster Gallery displays 186 posters this December. You can purchase political propaganda placards, advertisment posters and many movie posters on the auction held on the 8th of December.


The biggest catch will most certainly be the original Unicum poster, featuring a balding, bearded man, emerging out from underwater, next to a Unicum bottle. Once, a copy of this famous Unicum poster had been part of every pub’s interior, and now those who would like to preserve a bit of that ambiance, may buy this item for approximately 3 million forints.


The collection offered for auction features movie posters from the 1940s, and from the 1980s as well, the original Hungarian posters for movies like ’Singing in the Rain’, ’Blade Runner’ or ’The Returm of the Jedi’ will be displayed for the audience. However, movie posters form only one section of the rarities.

The auction starts at 18.00, on December 8, at Budapest Music Center.

based on article by Dávid Klág on
translated by Laura Kocsis



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