Nati Drencheva and the NANA’S
Photo: Tropical Magazine

Tropical Magazine interview – Persistent, humble, naive, sensitive and funny. This is how Nati Drencheva characterizes herself. She is a blogger, vlogger, and founder of the NANA’S fashion brand. The 24-year-old girl was born in Bulgaria but has lived for 23 and a half years in Hungary. She jumped into the world of fashion at the age of 18. Since then, she has successfully overcome every hurdle. Today, her name is known by many, and her dresses became quite popular in many places.

When did you become a fashion lover? How did this idea come to your mind?

As a little girl, I used to draw a lot, mostly clothes. I have always loved creative things. Besides, I took photos and painted as well. In high school, I was the one who knew the price of every piece, as well as the stores from which they came from. I loved unique things and unusual combinations, even then. At the age of 18, during a trip in London, I came to realize that this profession was a real passion to me, and that I wanted to do this and nothing but this. So, I gave up law school and I submitted a second admission to fashion school.

Nati Drencheva and the NANA’S
Photo: Tropical Magazine

You’ve been writing a blog for a long time. When and for what purpose did you create your site?

I founded the blog when I was eighteen. However, I had no conscious vison that one day it would lead to where I am now. I wanted to share my vision of fashion and life with my readers. I created the blog as a source of inspiration, and as a result of my passion. From the beginning I loved blogging, even though I had no experience at all.

Would you share your experiences concerning fashion studies?

I graduated from Fashion Management at the Mod’Art Art and Fashion School. However, I believe that these things only provide a framework, guidance and support. Whether you are able to realize your dreams is only up to you. It depends on your attitude, endurance, and your humbleness.

Now, you have your own successful clothing brand. How was NANA’S born?

This is a long story, which I hope will soon be available written in a book in the bookstores. I’ve been working on it for a while, but writing does not develop as fast as many people think. Anyway, long story short: I was strongly motivated even when I was young and I had a serious vision concerning what I wanted to achieve in life. Since I was 18 years old I have done my best to fulfil my desires and to do everything in accordance with my concept. I started at the bottom working as an assistant and I worked my way up passing through every stage, which, I believe, were essential to be successful in work. Sometimes, when I look around, I cannot believe that I have achieved all this.

Nati Drencheva and the NANA’S
Photo: Tropical Magazine

Who inspires you in design?

It depends. Sometimes I find inspiration in a street photo, a neckline or material of a dress in the display window, or the collections of large fashion brands. But occasionally I just think of something and quickly put it on paper. For me, traveling gives the greatest source of inspiration. Almost all of my greatest ideas and a major part of the collections came to my mind when I was abroad.

How would you define your own style?

It is varied, but mostly pure and feminine. I like to combine things the way others do not, maybe that is what makes my style unique. Of course, there are days when I am not willing to wear anything but training shoes and comfortable pieces. Then everyone looks at me as if was an alien.

Who do you recommend your clothes to?

To girls and women who love pure, yet unique pieces they can wear in many different ways on weekdays and for more formal occasions as well.

Nati Drencheva and the NANA’S
Photo: Tropical Magazine

Do your clothes always reflect you or are you paying attention to other aspects during the design process?

Both are true. Maybe this is the hardest part. To keep the balance. I try to keep my own style while considering the relevant public as well. I think this is what the NANA’S is about.

You travel a lot. Where do you like to go? What are those inspirational places for you?

It is true. As I mentioned, travel is the main source of inspiration for me. If I can, I like to get out of the ordinary every two months. I am a big fan of Italy. My favorite places are Lake Garda, Capri and Amalfi. However, there is no place in Italy that would not have fascinated me so far. It is best to cross the small towns and drive on winding roads. I also love Porto and, of course, Bulgaria. Besides Budapest, Bulgaria is my home. I even speak the language fluently. Though, there are still plenty of places I want to visit. Bali and Morocco will be the next destinations.

What are your goals regarding the future?

There are plenty. Regarding the brand, my primary goal is to establish a solid Hungarian base. The next step is to build a franchise-network abroad. In addition, I would like to create permanent charity projects within the trademark. I have always wanted to deliver a message to people, both on my blog and through the NANA’S. I want to tell them to not be afraid to take a step, be persistent, pay attention to each other, and help if they can.

As far as my personal life is concerned, of course, I would like to have a family and children in a few years’ time.

Source: Tropical Magazine – Anita SZABÓ-KÓRÉ, Fashion Editor

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