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Stuffed cabbage. Photo: Daily News Hungary

Dill (‘kapor’ in Hungarian) is an ingredient that is frequently used in Central and Eastern European cuisines. It is popular in Hungarian recipes, too, with its use varying from being a part of fillings to being used for pickling vegetables and making salads. It not only contributes to the taste of the food, but it also has numerous health benefits.

Dill is the solution for bloating, nausea, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, and digestion-related issues. If you make tea from it, for instance, you can get rid of hiccups in a fast and pleasant way. You can simply make soup from it, or use it as a spice in various recipes.

Palóc soup

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Palóc soup is an excellent alternative to Goulash soup during the warm summer months. Even though the name suggests a connection with the Palóc from northern Hungary, this dish has more to do with Kálmán Mikszáth, a Hungarian writer, than anyone else. The main ingredients are green beans, dill, and sour cream, providing the delicious, truly Hungarian taste. It is usually made with lamb, but you can substitute it for pork or beef if you like.

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Leavened cucumber

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Hungarian leavened cucumber is an integral part of Hungarian cuisine. Besides complementing most dishes (a nice plate of layered potatoes, for example), it also has numerous health benefits. For instance, if you suffer from anxiety or nervousness, you should definitely try it. It also helps the metabolism and can strengthen the immune system. Now that you are convinced of all the health benefits, try making your own at home, following THIS recipe.

Stuffed cabbage

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Stuffed cabbage is known for the delicious combination of meat, cabbage, and sour cream. However, in Transylvania, they love it so much they prepare a version of stuffed cabbage that does not contain meat and is thus fast-proof. The stuffing is then made from wild mushrooms, onions, carrots, summer savoury, and dill. This is covered by cabbage leaves and baked in the oven.

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Pancakes with a cottage cheese-dill filling

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As we have mentioned before, cottage cheese is a must when it comes to Hungarian gastronomy. So, it is no surprise that dill mixed with cottage cheese would result in a delicious combination. And since we know that pancakes are not exclusively eaten as dessert (just think of Hortobágy-style pancakes), why not use this combination as a heavenly pancake filling? You can also make strudel with this tasty combination. Of course, you can add a generous amount of sour cream on top to make it even better.

Hungarian pumpkin pottage

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Naturally, dill cannot be left out of a good Hungarian pumpkin pottage. It is an excellent dish for the summer, as it helps you freshen up, and you can prepare it in no time. Tasting it is also likely to be a trip down memory lane, as pumpkin pottage is a popular dish served in school canteens. You can use it as a garnish for various meat or fish dishes. Or, you can eat it as a main dish with some eggs sunny side up, or some Hungarian meatballs (fasírt). 












Source: Daily News Hungary

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