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Spending weeks or even months in quarantine at home can be boring, and one can feel that even the Netflix-HBO-Amazon Prime Video combination is not enough to provide the needed entertainment. Therefore, we collected some Hungarian movies to watch during the days of the coronavirus epidemic. Enjoy!

On Body and Soul

Year: 2017 Genre: drama, fantasy, romance

Plot: Endre is the chief financial officer at a slaughterhouse while Mária is the newly hired quality inspector. Slowly, they discover that they experience the same recurring dream in which they fall in love as deer. When they realise this, they decide to make their dreams come true in real life. However, that proves to be much more difficult than they have ever imagined before.

Here you can watch the trailer of the film which is available on Netflix with English subtitles:


Year: 2018 Genre: drama, mystery

Plot: This film is the second production of Academy Award-winner László Nemes. The story follows Írisz Leiter, who returns to her family’s hat saloon in 1913 in the hope of continuing the family’s business. The movie tries to answer a question that strongly resonates with our present times: how could a society living in the most prosperous era of European history fall into the catastrophic abyss of the First World War? His answer is unexpected, clever, and painfully true.

Trailer below:

Out of Order (Hungarian: A miniszter félrelép)

Year: 1997 Genre: comedy

Plot: The minister just wants to paint the town red, but detectives follow the girl he would like to spend the night with and who is a secretary of the parliamentary opposition. Furthermore, he finds a dead man under the window of his hotel room, his wife is constantly calling him, and it seems like only the parliamentary debate concerning him is getting hotter hour by hour. Can he deal with all the problems? And how does famous and beautiful actress Kata Dobó become naked?

Here you can watch the movie:


Year: 2017 Genre: drama

Plot: Two Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, dressed in black, arrive in a Hungarian village on 12 August 1945. Soon after, everything changes in the village because everybody has something to be afraid of and nobody knows what the Jews want to do and why they came home.

Trailer below, and the film can be watched on HBO Go:

Ruben Brandt, Collector

Year: 2018 Genre: animation, action, crime

Plot: There are many iconic Hungarian animation movies from the 20th century which won several international awards and received widespread critical acclaim. Ruben Brandt finally matches the quality of these iconic pieces of animation. In the story, we follow Ruben Brandt, a renowned psychiatrist, and his patients as they try and gather iconic paintings from all around the world to help Brandt tackle his insomnia. But Ruben Brandt’s best feature is not the plot itself, it is the animation: thanks to the film’s original style, each frame is beautiful and a unique piece of art. 


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