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The most popular Hungarian movies on IMDb

The most popular Hungarian movies on IMDb

Hungarian films On Body and Soul and Kincsem have taken the world (and critics) by storm last year, but there are many other great Hungarian films you should know about. These are the highest rated Hungarian movies on IMDb.

1. On Body and Soul

Year: 2017 Genre: drama, fantasy, romance IMDb score: 7.6 Director: Ildikó Enyedi Stars: Géza Morcsányi, Alexandra Borbély, Zoltán Schneider, Ervin Nagy

Plot: Slaughterhouse workers Endre and Mária discover that they share the same dreams in which they meet in a forest as deer and fall in love. They decide to make their dreams come true in real life, which proves to be much more difficult than they have imagined.

2. 1945

Year: 2017 Genre: drama IMDb score: 7.3 Director: Ferenc Török Stars: Péter Rudolf, Bence Tasnádi, Tamás Szabó Kimmel, Dóra Sztarenki

Plot: Two Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, dressed in black, arrive in a Hungarian village on 12 August 1945. Soon after, everything changes.

3. Son of Saul

Year: 2015 Genre: drama, war IMDb score: 7.5 Director: László Nemes Stars: Géza Röhrig, Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn, Todd Charmont

Plot: In the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II, a prisoner called Saul Ausländer is forced to burn the corpses of his own people, but he finds moral survival upon trying to salvage from the flames a boy’s body he takes for his son.

4. Sunset

Year: 2018 Genre: drama IMDb score: 6.7 Director: László Nemes Stars: Susanne Wuest, Björn Freiberg, Vlad Ivanov, Juli Jakab

Plot: A young girl grows up to become a strong and fearless woman in Budapest before World War I.

5. The Whiskey Bandit

Year: 2017 Genre: action, adventure, biography IMDb score: 7.7 Director: Antal Nimród Stars: Bence Szalay, Zoltán Schneider, Viktor Klem, Piroska Móga

Plot: The Whiskey Bandit was one of the most famous bank robbers in Hungary. He was known for drinking whiskey before every bank job. The movie tells his story.

6. White God

Year: 2014 Genre: drama, fantasy, horror IMDb score: 6.9 Director: Kornél Mundruczó Stars: Zsófia Psotta, Sándor Zsótér, Lili Horváth, Szabolcs Thuróczy

Plot: Mixed-breed dog Hagen befriends 13-year old Lili, and comforts her as she goes to live with her strict, estranged father. Because Hagen is a mixed-breed, he is subject to a large “mongrel” fee imposed by the Hungarian government, which Lili’s father is unwilling to pay. Lili fights to protect her dog, and she is devastated when her father eventually sets Hagen free on the streets. Lili sets out to find her dog and save him.

7. Land of Storms

Year: 2014 Genre: drama, romance, sports IMDb score: 6.7 Director: Ádám Császi Stars: András Sütö, Ádám Varga, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Enikö Börcsök

Plot: Szabolcs returns home to Hungary after quitting his football career in Germany, and he begins a romantic and sexual relationship with Áron from a nearby town. The situation is complicated when Szabolcs’ former roommate in Germany, arrives to convince him to return to football training.

8. Strangled

Year: 2016 Genre: crime, thriller IMDb score: 7.1 Director: Árpád Sopsits Stars: Károly Hajduk, Gábor Jászberényi, Zsolt Anger, Péter Bárnai

Plot: Based on real-life events, this psycho-thriller is set in the provincial Hungary of the 1960s, when a series of atrocious murders shock the small town of Martfü. A psychotic killer is on the prowl, while an innocent man is wrongly accused and sentenced for crimes he could never have committed. A determined detective becomes obsessed with the case while under pressure from the prosecutor to see a man hang. Stuck in the suffocating social, political and psychological world of socialist Hungary, the viewers soon find themselves entangled in a web of intricate conspiracy and disturbing drama.

9. Jupiter’s Moon

Year: 2017 Genre: drama, Sci-Fi IMDb score: 6.2 Director: Kornél Mundruczó Stars: Merab Ninidze, Zsombor Jéger, György Cserhalmi, Mónika Balsai

Plot: Aryan and his father are Syrian refugees trying to cross the Hungarian border from Serbia. During the border crossing, Aryan and his father lose their papers and are separated when a border guard unit discovers the group. Aryan is shot several times by a police officer, but instead of dying he mysteriously obtains the power to levitate. They find themselves in a web of cynicism and corruption.

10. The Turin Horse

Year: 2011 Genre: drama IMDb score: 7.8 Director: Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky Stars: János Derzsi, Erika Bók, Mihály Kormos, Ricsi

Plot: The film focuses on a pair of impoverished potato farmers, father and daughter, and their horse. The rural farmer is forced to confront the mortality of his faithful horse.

Check out the other part of the top 20 most popular Hungarian films as well:

  1. Sátántangó (1994, drama, 8.5)
  2. Werckmeister Harmonies (2000, drama-mystery, 8.2)
  3. Aurora Borealis: Északi fény (2017, drama, 7.3)
  4. Kontroll (2003, comedy, crime, drama, 7.7)
  5. Mephisto (1981, drama, 7.8)
  6. Taxidermia (2006, comedy, drama, horror, 7.0)
  7. Kincsem (2017, adventure, drama, history, 7.5)
  8. Kút (2016, action, adventure, drama, 7.1)
  9. Fateless (2005, drama, war, 7.0)
  10. Kills on Wheels (2016, action, comedy, drama, 7.1)

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  1. Matt

    Jupiter Moon is total trash liberal propaganda against the Hungarians. see some comments,

    Zilverton1 month ago

    In all fairness the movie fairs fairly well in terms of cinematography. But so does the Triumph des Willens or Der Ewige Jude. Because this is movie falls into the exact same genre as those. Extremist political propaganda. A bag of utter hate mongering lies. Right from the very beginning. Literally. The opening scene shows a group of Syrian migrants being chased by Hungarian police as they are trying to cross the Hungarian border illegally. Then the antagonist character a Hungarian detective shoots the hero (the young Syrian man who is so pure and innocent and special that some higher power resurrects and turns him into some flying saint like living miracle). Then later or they show a bunch of other migrants from the same group laying around dead being put into body bags. How they died, the movie won’t tell. Now the thing is that out of the over 1.5 million 3rd world migrants from around 100 different countries who illegally and violently broke into Europe in 2015 and 2016 there was only a singular recorded case of police opening fire on them when Slovakian police wounded but not killed a Syrian female migrant. One case. No case however where a migrant actually got killed by any kind of police or armed forces in all of Europe is known. But the creators of this agitprop trash could not care less about the facts or reality itself for that matter. They tell a tale of a genocide committed by Hungarians because that sells well and serves their political agenda. The rest of the movie isn’t any better than the opening scene by the way. It depicts Hungarians and other Europeans as a bunch of heartless, corrupt, decadent mean scum throughout the movie. It even goes as far as smearing the Bible itself with another lead character Dr Stern calling it a book where children are slaughtered, people are tortured and extra-marital sex is promoted. Shame on you people who created this outrage and shame on the Hungarian Film Foundation for supporting a left fascist anti European, anti Hungarian, anti Christian propaganda movie with over 3 million dollars.

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