Budapest, July 5 (MTI) – The number of people who own guns in Hungary is low compared to many other countries, the director of strategic and defence research company Globserver said on Tuesday.

A total of 128,000 handguns are owned by civilians in Hungary, including hunters, people involved in shooting sports and others with a firearms licence, Zoltán Varga told public news channel M1.

As against an average 1.9 handguns per hundred people, in the western Balkans region this rate ranges between 30 and 50, he said.

Source: MTI

  1. Hungarian governments (current, communist prewar) has never really trusted its citizens to own firearms. Consequently in Hungary is very low. Neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Chez Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, etc.) all have more liberal gun laws. Free societies are not afraid of their law abiding citizens. Time for Hungary to bring its gun laws in line with its neighbors

  2. This is surprising considering Hungary’s history. It’s almost like the Soviets brainwashed the country against gun ownership so that it would be easier for them when they get around to invading next time.

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