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Daily News Hungary

Lawmakers of ruling Fidesz will support “the majority” of the recommendations the Venice Commission has made concerning the government-initiated bill on the transparency of civil organisations financed from abroad, the party’s deputy group leader told a press conference on Wednesday.

Referring to the commission’s evaluation of the bill, Gergely Gulyás said that “the body has acknowledged that ensuring access to information on foreign funding to non-governmental organisations is a legitimate objective”.

Gulyás noted that positions by the Venice Commission have no binding effect. He added, however, that Fidesz “has so far considered and will again consider the majority of the body’s recommendations”.

Referring to US billionaire George Soros, Gulyás insisted that the new law was necessary to ensure the transparency of Hungary’s “Soros-organisations” and to clarify allegations of some organisations being financed “from the east”.

Source: MTI

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