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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz accused the opposition Socialists of attempting to avoid the responsibility for the “Socialist brokerage scandal” and said “Socialist politicians allowed financial corruption to strive untroubled for decades.”

The Socialists’ board called on the party’s parliamentary group earlier on Saturday to make every effort to ensure that people get compensation for the damages they suffered in the Quaestor brokerage scandal.

The Fidesz group’s press department said in a statement that the Socialist board should instead find an answer to “why the Socialist politicians turned a blind eye to financial corruption for decades, why they allowed brokers near their government and what their people are doing in the network of brokerages.”

They added that parliament is to vote on Tuesday about a Fidesz proposal that “will enable seizing the assets of all fraudsters’ companies and even their personal assets already during the investigation phase.” This will be followed by the introduction of new regulations for investment services and the market of brokerages will be cleared up, they said.

Commenting on compensation, the Fidesz group said this is progressing in line with the law, it is nearly completed in the case of Buda-Cash small investors and will soon begin at Quaestor.

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