Budapest, January 4 (MTI) – Governing Fidesz will again call forums to drum up support for utilities price cuts from the middle of January, the party’s communications director said today.

Fidesz and its partner in the governing alliance, the Christian Democrats, will organise 119 forums around the country with the participation of more than 30 politicians, said Mate Kocsis.

A call will be made at the forums for people to defend that which the government has achieved, even if it means becoming activists for the Fidesz-Christian Democrat parliamentary campaign he said, noting that the left was preparing to wipe out the results of earlier utilities price cuts.

In the past two days, more than 4,000 people have said on the telephone that they want to help the work of the government parties as activists, Kocsis said. Fidesz hopes 100,000 Hungarians will help with the campaign, he added. The government mandated two cuts to utilities prices last year that saved Hungarians a combined 20 percent on their gas, electricity and district heating bills. Kocsis said the government aimed to cut utilities prices for a third time this year.

A spokesman for radical nationalist party Jobbik said at a press conference on Saturday that it was irresponsible and costly to use the “utilities war” as an instrument of propaganda. Adam Mirkoczki said if the matter was important to the government, it ought to establish guarantees in the law that ensure prices do not rise after elections.

A spokesman for the Democratic Coalition protested the use of the expression “Hungarian Team” in letters inviting people to the forums to describe activists who defend the utilities price cuts. Zsolt Greczy said it was “shameless” to call those “who support the lies of Fidesz” the Hungarian Team.



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