(MTI) – The European parliamentary group of the ruling Fidesz party has called on Hungary’s Socialists to support Tibor Navracsics’s appointment as a commissioner of the European Union.

The Fidesz MEPs on Thursday asked the Socialists to transcend party interests and, in line with national interests, support the appointment of Navracsics, who is currently Hungary’s foreign minister.

The Socialists are attacking a candidate whose portfolio is not yet known and who has not been heard in the European Union, so no one should form an opinion as to his suitability, the statement said. By condemning him in advance, they discredit Hungary, it added.

Earlier today Socialist MEP Tibor Szanyi said that the EP’s Socialist group did not support Navracsics’s nomination.

“Tibor Navracsics would not make a good EU commissioner. The foreign minister is a self-proclaimed nominee who rejects European values,” Tibor Szanyi told a press conference in Budapest.

Navracsics had announced his nomination through Twitter before the government did, Szanyi added.

His achievements as justice minister include such decisions as the “dismantling of the rule of law in Hungary” and making legislation in parliament without debate an everyday occurrence, Szanyi insisted.

It is not by chance that Prime Minister Viktor Orban, one of the “biggest political polluters of Europe”, is nominating his own “butler” for one of the top European posts, he added.

Photo: kozpontban.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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