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Budapest, March 22 (MTI) – Recent attacks launched against Hungary from various directions have “the common characteristic of extreme human rights fundamentalism”, the ruling Fidesz party’s communications chief said on Wednesday.

“The strengthening of Hungary’s border protection with legal regulations has been the subject of some of the attacks because organisations backed by Hungarian-born US financier George Soros expect Brussels to punish Hungary,” Balázs Hidvéghi told a press conference.

Amnesty International has stated that it would complain to the President of the European Commission, the commissioner in charge of migration, the Council of Europe and the United Nations over Hungary’s strengthened border protection laws, Hidvéghi said. Organisations with ties to Soros “pull every string to dump on Hungary”, and the Commission in Brussels has been specifically asked to launch an infringement procedure against Hungary, he said, adding that the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights had also been raised.

“Pro-migration organisations are once against promoting illegal migration by encouraging illegal migrants to violate Hungary’s regulations and arrive in Europe illegally by tricking the Hungarian authorities,” Hidvéghi said.

He criticised a Strasbourg court ruling last week which found Hungary at fault for rejecting the refugee applications of two Bangladeshi citizens. Hidvéghi described the ruling as “surreal”, adding that it was an “upsetting example of the extreme and distorted direction taken by human rights judgmentalism and the way of thinking in Europe”. He said that this “distorted way of thinking weakens the EU and is one of the reasons why Britain decided to leave the EU”.

Fidesz is calling on the government to appeal against the ruling and not to yield when it comes to migration policy, while it should resist all attempts at influence from abroad, Hidvéghi said.

In response to a question on whether Hungary is considering leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, he said it would be too early to talk about this. Instead it is necessary to work against the distorted interpretation of human rights, he said, expressing hope that Péter Paczolay, a new judge at the Strasbourg court from Hungary, would “represent a more sensible way of thinking” in human rights issues than the previous Hungarian judge Andras Sajo.

Source: MTI

  1. All NGOs who are paid by Soros should join him in France. If you do not like the country, leave. Obviously, you do not realize the long term effect of what you are asking. NGOS should not betray their country for money which is what they are doing.

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