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Fidesz: MEPs to compile ‘Soros report’ slamming Hungary

Fidesz: MEPs to compile ‘Soros report’ slamming Hungary

A ruling Fidesz party spokesman on Wednesday said European lawmakers in Brussels were preparing to put together a “Soros report” slamming Hungary.

Citing his party’s sources, Imre Puskás told a press conference that the sole purpose of the report was to “convict” Hungary, and insisted that

Brussels had selected politicians “who eat out of (US financier George) Soros’s hand” to compile the report.

Puskás said the report, which he insisted MEPs would start compiling on Wednesday, was being authored by “pro-migrant” Green MEP Judith Sargentini.


Meanwhile, preparatory work on the report is being done by Marie-Christine Vergiat of the GUE/NGL group, Josef Weidenholzer of the Socialists and Democrats, Louis Michel of the ALDE liberals, Marek Jurek from the European Conservatives and Reformists group and EPP’s Roberta Metsola, he said.

Among them, Vergiat, Weidenholzer and Michel can be found on “the list of Soros’ reliable allies”, he said.

Puskás said all MEPs involved with compiling the report were “pro-migration politicians” who “cannot wait to convict Hungary” and had criticised its migration policy and border fence on multiple occasions.

He said the report would be designed to “force Hungary to change its migration policy”.

Puskás called on voters to participate in the government’s nationwide public survey on the “Soros plan” to ensure that the government has “the broadest possible support in its fight to prevent Hungary from becoming an immigrant country”.

Source: MTI


  1. Sander Driessen

    I really do not and can not understand the real reason that EU-politicians are listning to a voice of a stranger, a dangerous stranger. This man Soros/Schwartz is not representing people or political parties, but only him self. Who is this man really? Why does he think that he is allowed to say what he thinks is right? Why is he being received as a king from the USA? This person has gained his money on ‘investments’ and he nearly brought the Bank of England on its knees. This person belongs in jail and all his money must be taken away from him. If his heart is so big, why doesn’t he open camps in the USA for the so-called refugees? His only goal is to bring Europe to bankruptcy and socialist politicians are more than willing for fulfil Soros’ wishes! But it has been said many times: Once a time will come that ‘ordinary’ people no longer accept the pressure from Mr. Whisky and his gang!
    I pay my respect to Hungary, the Hungarian people and the leaders of Fidesz!
    Sander Driessen

  2. mm burka

    Well said!!

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